Mi Band 2 First Impressions

We received Xiaomi’s latest Mi Band 2 for testing last week. The fitness band is the successor to the first-generation Mi Band (released in 2014), which was priced reasonably well and provided excellent battery life.

Xiaomi has made some important changes to the Mi Band 2, which makes it worth upgrading to the second-generation model. The changes aren’t revolutionary, but the company has managed to improve the user-experience at the cost of battery life.

What’s new: Mi Band 2 compared to the first Mi Band

1. The biggest inclusion in the Mi Band 2 is a LED display with a button, which has several advantages. You are no longer dependent on the Mobile Application to track your steps, battery level etc. And yes, even with the display, the device is water proof.

2. The Mi Band 2 comes with a heart rate sensor, which was missing in the first Mi Band. It wasn’t very accurate in our tests. You have to wear the band tightly onto your wrists for the band to accurately track your heart rate.

3. You can now see the time on the display itself, which is a good feature to have when exercising or going for morning walks.

4. If your Mi Band 2 is connected to your smartphone, you get call alerts on the band. It doesn’t identify the caller, but it does vibrate.

5. The battery life on the Mi Band 2 wasn’t quite as good as the first Mi Band, but it should still easily last for 15 days on a single charge. Not too bad considering the fact that it now has a display.

6. Mi Band 2 is slightly heavier and bulkier than the first generation Band.

7. Automatically tracks how much you’ve slept. This feature worked quite well.

8. Not available in India currently, will be out soon and should be priced around 1600 rupees.

  1. Any idea on when it will come to India

  2. Looking Forward to buy this one

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