Best Camera Phone in Android: August 2017

In today’s times, the camera in a smartphone is probably the most important feature for buyers. While quite a few people click photos just for memories, a lot of people these days click photos to share on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In this list, we have decided to list out the best smartphone camera in each budget – right from Rs 10k to high-end smartphones that cost upwards of Rs 50k.

While phones under Rs 7000 also come with good camera (Xiaomi Redmi Prime 2, for example), we highly recommend that you increase to budget to atleast 10000, if you want to click good photos.

If you want to take printouts of photos and make photo albums, then there are some good phones that come in the Rs 30k range. For top quality photos, the high-end offerings from Samsung Galaxy Series and Google Nexus 6P are excellent Android smartphone options.

When it comes to video recording, Full HD video resolution is sufficient, although video quality is dependent on the quality of lens and not the video resolution. For example, a 720p (HD) video captured on Samsung Galaxy S6 will have much better video quality than 1080p (Full HD) on Lenovo K3 Note.

Although flagship Android phones do come with 4K video recording, they take up too much storage space on the device. We recommend you record videos in 720p (HD) or 1080p (Full HD).

Note: We have not included any Apple smartphone in the list because if your operating system preference is iOS, then your options are pretty simple. iPhone 5S is the Best Camera Phone under 25k, iPhone 6 is the Best Camera phone under 40k and iPhone 6S is the Best Smartphone overall with a price tag of more than Rs 55k.

Best Camera Phone Under Rs 10000 – Lenovo K3 Note (13MP, 5MP)

Lenovo K3 Note

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