Best Mobile Phones under 30000 Rupees


  2. is it good idea to buy htc u play?????????
    as it is having low battery capacity
    can u suggest me a good phone with better battery capacity and good camera quality in around 30k

  3. can you help me out between Iphone 6 and GalaxyS6 Edge

    • @ Guru : Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 are outdated phones, would rather suggest you go for the latest version. If the budget is your concern then we would recommend you go for OnePlus 3

  4. Where is Sony xperia xA ultra gone…..
    I m using it and is far better than the phone names mentioned here

  5. But OP3 don’t have any service centre in my city

  6. Now i am having the iphone 6 and i want to switch to another phone so what should i go for a budget around 40000

  7. Which to buy one +3 or s6 eadge

  8. I m confused to take s6 eadge and 1+3 which one to buy?

  9. Hi..

    I am looking for a mobile.. My options are Mi 5 & One plus 3. Please suggest which phone would be better,
    Both company doesn’t have service center in uttarakhand but Mi is providing pick up service in Uttarakhand while one plus doesn’t.

    Please advise.


  10. Guys plz suggest me whether I shouldn’t go with onePlus3 or Zenfone3. I am a photogenic and am damn sure zenfone3 camera is awesome at the same time onePlus3 is eye-catching. Am really very confused between these devices. Pls suggest me.

  11. plz suggest between one plus 3 and moto x style and why?

  12. I am also so much confused to buy htc one me or one plus 3 or Asus zenphone 3
    So p lzz help and suggest me to buy phone

  13. What is the best dual sim phone????

  14. Hi, I’m confused between Samsung a7 2016 and one plus3. Don’t know which to buy. A7 looks good and has brand value whereas spec wise one plus 3 is unmatched. Please tell me which is a better option.
    Ps:my only concern about op3 is that it’s Chinese. Hence will problems pop up in the future?

  15. dEAR FRIEND PLEASEhelp to decide btwn galaxy note 4 or OP3 ???

  16. I am confused can you please help me out.. HTCx9, sony XA nexus 5X..i am not interested in chinese brands pls suggest which phone to buy..

  17. What about xperia xa ultra and z3 plus?

  18. I only need to know buying oneplus 3 is trustwoethy as it is Chinese and there’s no service centre easily can get it..i dont have an issue with non removable battry and non expendable as well… But if i am investing 27999rs so it is genuine and trustworthy??? And what is biggest cons of it??? I would like to thankful if i will get trustwortgy reply as well…soon

    • I want a business class device which has a brand value and can be trusted for 3 years and is vivid in display and doesn’t cause problems..Gaming is not what i need..
      1)Samsung a7 2016 is now 27000inr
      2)nexus 5x
      3)one plus 3
      4) moto x style
      Which one do you recommend ??@buyingtips

    • @ Wendy : Have been using Oneplus 3 as my secondary phone and to be honest it is one of the best phones under Rs 30000. The only negative would be it heats up a bit after continuos use and the battery drains a little faster than other phones but with dash charger I don’t think that sgould be a n issue as it charges within 1 hour.

  19. Around 30k I loved oneplus 3 but I would like to have quad HD and Hi res audio also!! Please suggest me around that price range..

    • @Hari Naitham: You can go for Nexus 6P, it comes with Quad HD screen and audio is decent. It costs around Rs 37000. But we would still recommend you to buy Oneplus 3 as it comes with Amoled display and has also got the best speakers.

      • yeah thankyou! i would love to buy OP3 when it comes to price value.. and is there any RAM or BATTERY life issue?? because i’m a heavy user. how many hours i can use it continuously with 3G connectivity..or heavy gaming.

  20. HI… How is gionee M5 which is for 24k i guess?
    Should i go for Gionee M5 or 1+3????

  21. what is ur opnion about lg stylus 2 I was planning to buy that for my brother . kindly let me ur advise

  22. Hi Buying Tips Team,

    Looking for your Expert Advice.

    I am lkng for a phone between 25 k to 30k. I am confused between :
    1. Galaxy A7 (2016)
    2. Oppo F1 Plus
    3. One plus Three
    4. Or You May Recommend Anyother.

    Regarding One plus Three, i am also concerned of after sale service i.e. Service Centre Availability.

  23. Hey , i was confused between letv le max 2 , 6gb rom version and oneplus 3 , though i know that oneplus 3 is better but letv le max 2 has better resolution than one plus 3 , even camera megapixel le max 2 beats one plus 3 , processor wise they are both alike , plz suggest which one to buy if i need better camera quality too , thank you

  24. Whats the actual price of s6 edge plus?

  25. I wanna buy a phone under 45k
    what about s6 edge plus.
    and what is the actual price of it??

  26. Any clue when the one plus 3 will return to sale on amazon , i really looked forward to it, but its unavailable now.Should i go with leMAX 2 considering its specs are simlar

  27. i m looking for samsung galaxy A7 2016 .but its processor is too old ..i wnt to knw does it will lag or become slow aftr playing high graphics game ..because i play games too much …suggest me plz sud i buy this fon for camera n gaming or not

  28. Best smartphone for heavy gaming under 15k………please help me I’m really confused between redmi note3 and le 2

    • @ Abhishek: Both the phones run on Adreno 510 GPU, this chipset has some issues with heavy gaming. The phone does lag while playing N.O.V.A 3 and Asphalt 8. However you can have a look at Mot g4 plus it does have some heating issues but can play any kinda game without any lag.

    • Redmi note 3 is best
      phone under 15000

  29. hi,
    i am confuss in next 2 mobile,
    1st- htc x9,
    2nd- one plus 3,
    my budget is 30000 thousand & i need a long term (miss i have not change mobile next 2-3 years) mobile.
    brand value mobile,
    1-best prossesers,
    2-best cameras rear & front,
    3-not heating issue to playing games & other,
    4-good sound qulity in mobile speakers & earphone like dolby digital sound,
    5-dont want hang issues,
    6- best disply in sunlight & for movies & videos,
    7- branded company value mobile.
    8- best service after buy mobile.
    9- softwear update time to time,
    10- full meatal body,
    11-best games, videos, sound, disply, prosseser,
    12- ruff & tuff use mobile & more.
    like a real value for my money with all best spec mobile with brand value,
    ple suggest me.
    i know that one plus 3 is good but brand value problem becoz is an a china mobile.
    i am wating.

  30. @buying tips, you did not advise anything about Lenovo VIVE X3! Please tell me which is better between VIVE X3 and ASUS Zenfone 3? Similarly at around Rs 30000, which is better between Samsung Galaxy C7 and ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe?

  31. Hi guys want some suggestions on phones under 30000rs..found a5 having some lag and so other Samsung phone within the range very interested in one plus3 but is it too big??..since m a small guy was using xperia zr which was comfortable to use with one hand but all phones are too big or have no specs at all…could you please help would b really greatfull

    • @ Aditya: It isn’t too big or heavy. It fits perfectly for medium sized person. Oneplus 3 is one of the best phones under RS 30000. We agree it is a bit difficult to tyoe in one hand but other than that the phone is great.

  32. @buying tips, where are you not answering my question?

  33. I heard that oneplus 3 heats up when left in the pocket unused as the finger print scanners scans every time it comes in contact with something.
    Can this be fixed?
    Will this be a serious problem?

  34. that’S why till now iam preferring samsung galaxy a7 2016…is that good??

  35. @buyingtips__ i love the phone one plus 3…but wat abt the brand reach. what if i need service care for same??

  36. Hi Buying Tips,

    I need a backup phone for work. Primary uses are calls, texting, basic Internet and emails. My budget is ₹25k. I already own an iPhone 6s which I use for personal use.

    I was looking at the HTC M9+, HTC One X9 and Samsung A5 (2016). I read about the Sony Xperia Z3+ and its heating issues. I am not interested in the Oneplus range as I don’t live in the cities so after sales would be a problem. Please help!!!

  37. Sir, balance is not my problem. I can buy a 20k phone or a 30k phone, but what I expect is real value for money. I have 2 options in my mind. One is Lenovo Vibe X3 at 20k. I think it is unbeatable at its price. The second one is Samsung C7 at around 27k which is not released. Its specs are hi-fi. Are both my choices wrong? Which is the better one between them? Please suggest any other if you like. Can I have your email for further smartphone related queries?

  38. nexusp and one plus 3 which is the best ?
    Can u suggest me for buying one of them

  39. Oneplus 3 or upcoming samsung galaxy C7 ??? So confused !!! Help !!!

    • @ Nisheet: Specs wise both the phones are good. Oneplus 3 as of now is great phone with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. However just wait for Samsung Galaxy C7 it will be available in August.

  40. I am very much confused between the following :-
    1. Samung galaxy a7 (2016)
    2. Samsung galaxy j7 (2016)
    3. Lenovo vibe x3
    4. Lenovo zuk z1 and lenovo vibe k4 note
    I am not a very heavy gamer but I do like playing games alot, I want camera with good performance and video performance, I like watching movies, I like hearing music in which I think vibe x3 is best among all, the thing I dont like about x3 is that its accesories are not easily available, like mobile cases etc…
    please sir guide me..I am dying by confusion between all of them..I know there is huge difference between price…but plzz guide me sir…I am searching from 1 month..and my parents are shouting on me to quickly decide the phone..I keep watching unboxing, gaming experience etc on youtube…but the more the videos I watch I get more confused…PLz help me…
    help me as soon as you can..please sir…my budget is 30k…
    I hate lagginess alot..please help me

    • @ Aaryan: Since your budget is 30K , why don’t you go fro Oneplus 3 priced at Rs 28000. We have been using it as primary phone and it is one of the best phones available in the market. Great performance with 6GB RAM, Good camera and the accessories are easily available as well. Do check out our review and let us know if you have any doubts.

    • I thinking to buy samsung galaxy note 4..what do u say?

      • @ Aaryan : Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an outdated phone instead we suggest you go for Samsung Galaxy S7. Are you planning to buy only Samsung Phones? If not you can have a look at Oneplus 3

        • Thanks for replying..
          My parents are not allowing me to buy any china i only have samsung..
          galaxy s7 is too expensive…my budget can be maximum upto 35k..not ever more than that…note 4 I think is outdated phone but its features are awesome… Well A7 2016 is also good but when i compare it to note 4…than note 4 is the winner…
          Well can u suggest something under 35k and only samsung..
          thanks sir..

  41. Hello. Looking for a phone of about 25-35k. Totally confused between one plus three, LG g4, nexus 6x and HTC m9+
    Need very good camera, okkish battery, great looks and don’t want the phone to get out-dated soon (some of the phones were released in 2015)
    Please help.

  42. I think to buy Oppo F1 Plus.. What is your opinion..?

  43. I am thinking of Sony Xperia XA Ultra,wht’s ur sgetion???

  44. I m looking to buy a smartphone under 30000 inr . I am looking for best camera smartphone n best gaming experience. I m confused between one plus three LG g4 n HTC .kindly give your expert advise

    • Thanks for your advise on one plus three. I want to gift my brother a smartphone n my budget is 17k . looking for good camera n best gaming performance . I was thinking of buying moto g4 plus. kindly gv me your expert advise as to which phone is best in dis range you can gv me options too

      • @ Karan : Although Moto G4 plus is good, it has some heating issues. You can have a look Lenovo Zuk Z1 or Slightly higher than your budget Lenovo Vibe X3 for Rs 20000

        • Ya lenovo I feel is good bt I m confused at moment coz dis price range is difficult to decide coz smartphone are more less similar should I wait for mid august der can new launch of smartphone in dis month or should I go ahead with moto g4 plus . is moto g4 plus has d best clock speed or shud I wait kindly advise . your suggestions are always helping n honest so look forward for your advise. or waiting would b worth till 15 august

        • @ Karan: Wait till August, new phones get launched every month. Moto G4 Plus is a fast phone but it does have some heating issues. So wait for a month

    • @ Karan: OnePlus 3 is one of the best phones under Rs 30000. With 6GB and Snapdragon processor the phone can handle any game you throw at it.

  45. My bugat is 30000 I go to only Sony htc Samsung

  46. Iam confusing for buying mobile under 30 k is it better mi5 or one plus 3 ..ehich one is better in terms of camera, battery, perfomance , and heating , slim .

  47. I own a Note 4 Currently , I want to change to something else. My Budge is under 30K, and require faster phone and good quality camera.

    • hey bro..I am planning to buy note 4 because of its awesome specs…can u plz tell me how does it works?
      is it good to buy it?
      and i can’t buy any china phone…like one plus,mi etc..
      well I think u should buy oneplus 3…It’s awesome for you..

  48. Hey there ,I’m planning to buy a Samsung galaxy note 4 coz of its specs.and best reviews. …people say its a best phone for its performance and it can easily beat up any Chinese phone these days .soo confused a bit ..if the phone really performs well or not …also I’m a heavy gamer ..?? So what’s ur suggestion

  49. Should I take oneplus 3 or Mi5? Budget upto 30000

  50. which is better?
    galaxy a8 or HTC one x9

  51. I am looking for phone under 30k with good gaming performance, heavy multi tasking and decent looks too. Should i wait oneplus 3 (6gb ram version) or mi 5?
    I even heard that moto x is coming this month. Please suggest me.

  52. Want a smartphone under 26k
    Want NFC,infrared, fingerprint scanner and expandable storage
    Any suggestion?

  53. Need help, which one is better Honor 7 or Xiaomi Mi5

  54. hi..which is best mobile among these moto x play,samsung galaxy a7 2016,samsung galaxy a5 2016, vivo v3 max, oppo f1 plus, nexus 5x ,lenovo vibe x3.. suggest some best featurable mobile among these.otherwise suggest any other mobile around 25-30k???

  55. I’m looking for a phone around 25k which doesn’t have a heating issue.. Mi5 is not available now.. No to samsung as well.. Something else

  56. Hi, htc one me, moto x style, nexus 6p. Ive shortlisted these 3. Im looking for a good display, battery,finish,compact(<5.5 inch screen),robust functioning mobile. I zeroed in htc. Whats ur opinion for a budget of 30k?

  57. Is galaxy note 4 a good choice..?? Is it too old to buy now??

  58. Hey am looking for featured smart phone i want finger print sensor n processor should be 1.8Ghz or above camera should be best in class n should have 450ppi or above mah budget is 25k-27k soo

  59. Can you suggest me the best camera phone and performance under 30k.

  60. Hi! I want the best phone under 25k can increase the budget to 30 k also..Tell me which one should i go with?(personally thinking to buy mi5)

  61. I’m looking for a phone that has good battery life, premium feel and display under 30000.. I am thinking about oppo f1plus or one plus 2

  62. Please suggest a good smartphone with great battery life and a good camera.
    What is your opinion on Redmi note 3 32gb?

  63. moto x style or mi5 which one is best

  64. Sir, I am confused. I think moto x style is good for my budget but i never used a moto phone before so pretty doubtful. I want atleast 32GB internal ,a decent camera , 3GB ram and Fingerprint sensor. Please help me! Is samsung S6 a good choice?

    • @ Pradeep Singh: Samsung Galaxy S6 is an outdated phone. We wouldn’t recommend you to buy that. You can buy Xiaomi Mi 5 with fingerprint sensor,large screen, good camera and 32GB internal storage. Check here : Xiaomi Mi5

  65. Hello there I’m thinking of buying a phone within 30k and my first choice is oneplus 2 what do u suggest,any other better phone at this range and your view about oneplus 2

  66. Hello there… Best and fast android app functioning with a very good internet performance is what is required.. Gaming- not a concern.. camera ofcourse must be a hit.. Can u suggest??

  67. Hello… the range is 25000, i need a phone with best funtioning in android apps and m a very frequent internet surfer…… camera shud also be good… gaming- not a concern..

  68. I’m using one plus two and I’m planning to upgrade it into iPhone 6.
    Is iOS better than Android ?

  69. i want buy f1plus do u think. it s a beter for me. ya not?

  70. I own samsung galaxy s2 . Now want to buy a smartphone with large display at least 3gb RAM , good battery life and better low light camera within a budget of Rs. 30000 or Rs 35000. Can u suggest any phone

    • @ Sushree : Nexus 6P will be suitable phone for you, according to your budget and requirements. Comes with 5.7 inch display, 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, good battery life with 3000 mAh battery and good camera and Latest android update. Check here for more info: Nexus 6p

  71. Can you please suggest me a phone b/w 30-35000 having good camera(both primary and secondary) ,good storage(64gb internal or an expandable one),good performance and with good display having a good battery life too

    • @ Jef: Nexus 6P priced at Rs 36000 is an excellent with good battery life and camera, but Nexus devices do not come with expandable storage, Hence we recommend you to buy the 64GB version priced at Rs 40000. Check here : Nexus 6P

  72. Best smart phone to buy under 40 k..having 4k recording ,good cameras,figure print sensor and water and dust rest…plss suggest me

    • I think mi 5 pro is best for you with 4k recording and of course display too fast fingure print sensor but it is not water and dust proof I thing that should not be a big issue and if you want water and dust proof then you should look for s5 or s5 active (without fingure print scanner)

  73. Which is better HTC One Me or Moto X Style

  74. Hello i wanna buy a phone upto 30k having big screen memory n excellent camera. Gaming(Without lag) n photos will b d preffered areas luking 4 phone with premeum looks..plz suggest

  75. hello sir
    i want to buy a feature phone under 30000 which is best in all aspects. Plz tell me a suitable smartphone.

    • @ Krishan : If you can slightly increase your budget by 5000, you can go for Nexus 6P (32GB), It’s one of the best android phones that we have used, latest Android update, best camera, fast processor and good gaming experience without any heating issue. Check here : Nexus 6P

  76. Wanted to buy an iPhone already using Samsung note 3 should I go for the iOS or should I continue with Android wanted to upgrade my phone was a bit confused pls do reply

  77. I want to buy a phn, like HTC me dual or moto x style please suggest which is the best

  78. I am thinking of buying galaxy A8.can you tell any major cons in it or any better alternative for it at same price.pls tell if it hangs like other samsung products?

  79. My budget is 25000
    Plz suggest me a phone.
    Phone should be a alround performance

  80. sony xperia m5 dual a good phone?

  81. I want to buy a phone. With 5inch screen, good camera, with good battery and excellent after sales service. Please suggest. My budget is 25k.

  82. I want to buy a phone in 25k. I am moderate user. I want 5 inch screen with good battery and good display. with excellent after sales service. Please suggest.

  83. Can u suggest which phone most featurable under 30000

    • @ Dr Piyu: Moto X Style priced at Rs 29000 is one the best phones available under Rs 30000, however it doesn’t come with finger print sensor. If you can wait for a while we would be testing the latest Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) priced at Rs 29000 with almost all the features. Once we test it, we will let you know about the phone.

  84. Is moto X style available in 32/64 internal memory….

  85. Hello,
    I’m looking for a phone that has good battery life, premium feel and display small enough for a single hand use. Would prefer stock android UI.
    Any suggestions?

  86. Hi would like some suggestions on buying the right smartphone among these one’s… one plus 2, Samsung A8, HTC one E9plus…

  87. Hi,the feature that sony experia nice N cool .but some told me that there is many problem with this could you please suggest me ..the right things about this phone in order to clear my doubt about the controversies so that i would not B disappointed after buying this .
    Kindly reply me.thanking you

    • @Elvis : Sony Xperia Z2 has got some heating issues, after intensive gaming the phone tends to heat up. It’s also an outdated phone, So I suggest you have a look at Samsung Galaxy A8 and Moto X Play Style. Both are within 30000 Rs. They are much better phones then Sony Xperia Z2.

  88. Dear,

    Can u please suggest a smartphone under 30,000. I have shortlisted HTC E9, HTC 826W, Iphone 5S, Moto X Play, Moto X Style. OR should I wait some more for Iphone 6 for getting its price to come down to 38000. Or if you want to suggest some other phone.

    Please Reply.

    • @sachin : Among all the phones that you have shortlisted, we like Moto X Style the most. The phone comes in 5.7 inch QHD display, No heating issues, good for gaming, decent camera. Overall a great phone to buy. The only issue would be that it weighs 180 grams and the phone is big for one-handed usage.

  89. can u sggest some more featureable mobile phones under 30000

    • @salman : Motorola has just launched its flagship device called X Style and according to us it’s the best phone to buy under Rs 30k. If you can find the Samsung A8 under 30000, then you can go for it.

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