Tips to buy Redmi 1S on launch day (September 2nd)

The Xiamoi Mi 3 has been discontinued in India and the entry level Redmi 1S has been launched to capture the imagination of the budget-conscious Indian market. The phone is affordably priced at Rs 5,999. The problem, however, is that Xiaomi’s strategy of flash sales will continue. 

The quantity of phones that go on sale on September 2nd is 40,000 unites – significantly higher than the number of Mi 3’s that went on sale. But since the price is much lower, many more people would be eager to buy the phone.

Here are some buying tips to help you buy the Redmi 1S on September 2nd.

1. When the Mi 3 was launched, I bought the phone when it went on sale for the second time. The reason being I wanted to get some user feedback before buying the phone for my mother, who wanted a large screen affordable phone. So I suggest you wait for second sale, before making the purchase.  There are also reports that the phone heats up quickly. If you cannot wait and want to purchase the Redmi 1S on Sep 2nd, read on..

2. Like the Mi 3, the Redmi 1S will also go on sale sharp at 2PM. Log on to Flipkart at least 15 minutes before the sale and make sure you’re logged into your account. Go to the Redmi 1S page and wait for the countdown to end. As soon as it ends, you’d see a Buy Now button. Click on it as soon as  you possibly can and the device should be added to your cart.

3. Once the device is added to your cart, you have some time to make the payment. We suggest you opt for the Cash-on-delivery option because I’ve heard complaints of Flipkart cancelling orders.

My purchase of the Mi 3 went on pretty smoothly. Yes, there were a few errors due to the load on the server, but I was able to purchase the phone without too much difficult. It arrived the very next day!

I hope this article helps you purchase the Redmi 1S in India on September 2nd. If you have any queries post them in the comments section below.

Note: If you didn’t already know, you have to register on the Flipkart page before midnight on 1st September. More than 1 lakh of people have already registered and only 40,000 units go on sale. The number of registrations is expected to increase to somewhere between 2 to 3 lakhs!

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