How to buy One Plus 2 in India?

Question: ‘How to buy One Plus 2 in India. When will the Android smartphone be available and where can I purchase it from? Are there any features that are missing as compared to the older One Plus One?’ asks Subhas from Pune.

Answer: One Plus Two will be launched in India on August 11 2015 i.e the same day as its global launch date. One Plus (that’s the name of the company) has confirmed to us that the smartphone will be exclusively available on

One important thing to note is, on the launch day, only the 64GB version with 4GB of RAM will be launched in India. The 16GB version which comes with 3GB RAM won’t be available for now. One Plus hasn’t confirmed the date of availability of the 16GB version. So if you’re one of those who doesn’t want to spend more on extra storage, you will have to wait. However, we highly recommend that you pick the 64GB variant because the One Plus Two doesn’t come with MicroSD card slot.

What’s missing in the new version? Well, the One Plus Two doesn’t come with Near Field Communication (NFC) support. Apart from that, the phone has better camera, faster processor, 4GB RAM and fingerprint sensor. For a more detailed analysis, you can read our article One Plus One vs One Plus Two.

Price in India for One Plus Two 64GB is Rs 24,999.  To buy the phone, you need an invite, either from your friend who has purchased the device or register on One Plus website

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