Best Smartwatch under 5000 – 2023

The first question that comes to mind when we think of buying a smartwatch is – “Do I really need a smartwatch?”

So before we get down to listing the Best Smartwatches under 5000 rupees, we will quickly go through a few reasons why you should consider buying a smartwatch.

  1. The biggest reason to buy a smartwatch are all the fitness trackers that come loaded into it. Most watches can track your steps, distance, calories, heart rate and even your sleep.
  2. A smartwatch can be life-changing if it motivates you to remain active throughout the day. For people who work from home or on laptops throughout the day – a smartwatch can make you a fitter and healthier person – provided you are willing to put in the effort and remain consistent with your goals.
  3. Smartwatches are also mini-phones, capable of doing basic tasks which you do on your phone. You can receive notifications, reply to messages, get basic access to social media, listen to music and perform several other tasks.
  4. Smartwatches with speakers and cellular, also allow you to make and receive calls – apart from giving you access to internet and with it all the features that open up due to internet connectivity. Cellular truly makes your watch into a mini-smartphone. But they do increase the cost of the device.

A quick tip: If this is going to be your first smartwatch – go for a basic smartwatch under 5000. Use it for a year, see if you like wearing a smart watch all day. See if you will use it for your fitness and health.

If you do find it useful, you can later upgrade to a better and more expensive smartwatch.

If this is going to be your first smartwatch – we highly recommend you do not spend more than 3000 to 5000 on your first purchase.

Now, let us get to the list.

Best Smartwatch under 5000

  1. Fastrack Reflex Hello
  2. Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro
  3. Fire-boltt Visionary
  4. Amazefit GTS2 mini
  5. OnePlus Nord Watch

Fastrack Reflex Hello – Rs 3990

Fastrack New Reflex Hello


  • The 1.69 HD display is sharp and bright under direct sunlight. 
  • Very stylish and smart looking watch, looks good on the hand.
  • The watch comes in 4 colours: Pink, deep blue, black and pastel blue.
  • It is water and dust resistant.
  • The ‘sports mode’ includes more than 50 modes, which is excellent in this price range.
  • One of the best features about this watch is its speaker, you can make and receive calls.
  • And because of the speaker, you can also listen to music. 
  • It has a very small screen, but you can play basic games. 
  • The Fastrack watch can track sleep, blood pressure, steps, heart rate and menstrual cycle. 
  • The watch also has AI (artificial intelligence) voice assistant.
  • More than 100 faces. Great in this price range.
  • The battery life is very good. It should last 3 days, which is as good or better than Apple watches. 
  • Fastrack is trusted and reputed brand.
  • Overall a great watch in this price range.


  • That ‘Fastrack’ logo below the screen is distracting.
  • Does not have AMOLED display.

Realme Smart Watch 2 Pro – Rs 3500

realme Smart Watch 2 Pro


  • Realme watch comes with 1.75 inch display, The colours on the display are good and vivid. The indoor and outdoor brightness of the watch is great. 
  • Looks premium, almost similar to Apple Watch. The build-material is plastic and the straps are comfortable.
  • Comes in 3 colours : Neo Grey, Metallic silver and Space grey. All of them look great on hand. 
  • The Realme app and interface is very smooth, the touch is good too.
  • The watch does come with call notification feature, this means that you can only see the call but you cannot receive or call from the watch. 
  • Has various sports mode; Yoga, running and cycling all of them work very accurately. 
  • The oxygen level and heart rate sensor works really good, data is accurate compared to any oximeter.
  • Battery life is one of the best compared to other watches, can easily last upto 3-4 days with heavy usage.
  • GPS connectivity is available.
  • IP68 allows it to be water and dust proof.
  • Good watch faces.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • GPS drains the battery quickly, make sure you switch off when you are not using it.
  • Does not have the ability to make or receive calls. A big disappointment.

Fire-boltt Visionary – Rs 3500

Fire Boltt Visionary`


  • 1.78 Amoled Display is very bright and nice, punchy colours and good bezels 
  • Looks more or less like an Apple Watch 
  • The design and looks are premium, it looks really good on hand 
  • There are about 8 colours and they all look extremely good on hand.
  • Bluetooth calling is really good, speakers are loud and adequate 
  • Strap quality is soft and nice, not itchy 
  • You can play music on watch and it is loud enough, you can also store upto 10 songs in the watch which is a great feature.
  • AI voice assistant is very useful 
  • The in built games, calculator and TWS connect is major plus for the watch 
  • Smooth user interface 
  • The heart rate sensor and blood pressure and oxygen level is accurate
  • Water and dust resistant 
  • There are more then 100 sports modes on this watch and they are great.
  • Reasonable price 
  • 1 year warranty 


  • Average battery life
  • No GPS 
  • App could have been better 

Amazefit GTS2 Mini New Version – Rs 4000

Amazfit GTS2 Mini New Version


  • The display quality is really good with 1.55 Amoled display, colours and brightness are really good. 
  • The Aluminium built quality makes the watch look very premium and stylish. 
  • Comes in 7 colours , pink, blue, black, flamingo pink , Meteor black, sage green and midnight black. All the colours look good on hand.
  • The sensors like heart rate, stress level, oxygen, sleep tracking and even menstrual cycle tracking is very accurate and good.
  • The bluetooth camera can be operated by the watch.
  • GPS is present in the watch and it works very well
  • The steps counter is very accurate.
  • There are more then 80 faces and the watch looks really good with all the faces.
  • The always on display is one of the best feature.
  • Its completely waterproof watch which is a big plus
  • 1 year warranty 


  • Battery life is average, with heavy usage the watch comes only for 3 days, so it is nothing like what they have advertised.
  • The display size is a bit small, so if you want a bigger display then go for a different watch 
  • There is no bluetooth calling feature, but you can recieve and disconnect the call. 
  • Expensive

Oneplus Nord Watch – Rs 5000

OnePlus Nord Smart Watch


  • Nord Watch comes in a big 1.78 Amoled Display, The watch looks very premium and classy. The display brightness under sunlight is good. Colours are well saturated 
  • The watch comes in 2 colours, deep blue and midnight black. Both look really good on hand. 
  • Band is less irritable and waterproof (IP68)
  • It has 60Hz refresh, The UI is very smooth and fast 
  • Comes with features like camera and music control
  • Accurately measures the steps 
  • Many sports mode : Yoga, Walking, running, swimming, dancing and many more 
  • It can track heart rate, stress level, sleep level and oxygen level. It can even track women’s menstrual cycles. 
  • Compatible with iOS and android 
  • Good battery life 
  • OnePlus brand name 
  • Light weight 


  • Doesn’t have call feature, very disappointing for this price tag. You can only disconnect the call but cannot receive them 
  • No GPS tracking
  • No always on Display feature
  • Can only store 5 faces at a time 
  • You can get much better features for the same price range 

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