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Best Refrigerators in India 2023

Looking to buy a brand new Refrigerator for your home in 2023? This page contains all the information you would need in choosing a fridge for you or your family.

Capacity: The first thing to consider is the capacity. The image below provides all the necessary information. A small refrigerator of less than 200 litres is adequate if you are a living alone.

Between 200-300 litres is ideal for a couple. 300-400 litres for a family of 3 to 4. And a larger multi-door refrigerator of 400+ litres for a large joint family in India.

Budget: The next comes budget. Important point to remember here is – when you a refrigerator, you would usually end up using it for 7-10 years or more. It is always better to stretch your budget a little, and buy something a little larger if you are planning to get married in the near future, or if you are planning to have kids. It is also worth considering if guests will be visiting you often. If your parents or in-laws visit and stay with you often, it is better to buy a larger refrigerator than you think you need.

Measurement: Ensure that you have taken the measurement of the area in your house or apartment where you plan to place the refrigerator. If you are buying on Amazon, check the dimensions of the fridge and make sure it fits. Usually, height is not a problem. Width is. Most apartments do not have adequate space for a wide side-by-side (French door) refrigerator.

Energy efficiency: It is also important to see the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) from BEE. Higher the star-rating, lower the power consumption. An important point to remember here – do not splurge a lot of money on a 5-star fridge just because you think you will end up a saving a lot on your electricity bill. Although the 5 star rate costs more, its a better option to buy considering the overall costs for long run. 

The savings are usually about ₹ 300-500 per year (₹ 25-40 per month) with each extra star. For example, the savings on a 2-star fridge compared to a 1-star fridge is about ₹ 500 per year. If you buy a 3-star fridge, it will save you an additional ₹ 400 per year. The difference between 5-star and 1-star is about ₹ 1500 per year.

Now, if you plan on using the fridge for the next 5 years. A 5-star refrigerator will save you around ₹ 7500. But if a new 5-star fridge already costs you ₹ 7500 more than a 1-star model, it isn’t really worth it – is it? Yes, 5-star refrigerator is good for the planet – if money is not a problem, go ahead and buy it.

Warranty: Find out the duration of the warranty for the compressor and also the other components. If a brand is offering extended warranty, it is always good to opt for it. You will have peace of mind – even though refrigerators from well-known brands should last a long time without any major issues.

Brand: Well, a good brand might cost you more money – but they have managed to build consumer trust over the year. Also, service in the place you live is another important factor to consider. After doing extensive research, it turns out that Samsung and LG have not only gained trust from consumers across India, but also have service centres across the country.

In this article, we will be recommending refrigerators from Samsung, LG and Whirlpool.

Here is a list of the best refrigerators in every category..  

Best Refrigerator of 2023

Samsung 253 L3 Star ‘Double Door’ Refrigerator

Samsung 253


  • Perfect for a family of 4 people.
  • Glossy finish, good build-quality and perfect size 
  • Energy efficient, doesn’t need a stabiliser 
  • Comes in Colours – Elegant Inox and Black (could cost more).
  • Doesn’t make noise.
  • Quick cooling. Cool pack provided in the freezer. 
  • Door Lock Facility.
  • Good storage compartments.
  • For a Samsung product, this is reasonably priced.
  • 10 years warranty for the compressor.
  • Comes with Digital display to help you control the settings.
  • Value for money.


  • Not for a family of more than 4 to 5 people.

Best Single Door Refrigerator 2023

LG 190 L5 Star ‘Single Door’ Refrigerator


  • Good for family of 2 to 3 people.
  • Looks stylish with floral prints.
  • Works without stabiliser.
  • It can run even on solar energy.
  • 10 year warranty on compressor.
  • Door lock facility.
  • Efficient cooling.
  • Smart inverter compressor.
  • Has a feature to make ice quickly.
  • Low power consumption. 


  • Small Freezer Compartment 

Best Double Door Refrigerator 2023

Samsung 253 L3 Star ‘Double Door’ Refrigerator Convertible


  • The 3-in-1 Convertible mode helps you to convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator – this gives you more storage space if you do not need freezing.
  • Perfect for a family of 4.
  • Good build quality.
  • Energy efficiency is good. Doesn’t need a stabiliser.
  • Low Noise.
  • Quick cooling and cool-pack provided in the freezer.
  • Door Lock Facility.
  • Good storage compartments.
  • For a Samsung product, this is very reasonably priced.
  • 10 years warranty of compressor.
  • Comes with Digital display to help you control the settings.


  • None

Best Side By Side Refrigerator 2023

Samsung 580 Litre ‘French Door / Side By Side’ Refrigerator. 


  • Great refrigerator for a joint-family of 5 to 8 people.
  • The refined Inox colour makes it look very stylish.
  • Excellent storage capacity.
  • Smart twin cooling technology.
  • Comes in 3-in-1 convertible mode, which can convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator. 
  • Less Noise.
  • Energy efficient. 
  • Comes with the display inside to help you control settings of the fridge.
  • It is fingerprint resistant.
  • Value for Money 


  • No lock system which is a major disappointment.

Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Whirlpool 205 L5 Star ‘Single Door’ Refrigerator 


  • If you are single or a couple, and need a fridge on a budget which would also end up saving you some money on the electricity bill – this is a great refrigerator to buy. 
  • Comes in 3 different colours – Silver, Red and Blue.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Good cooling.
  • Can be used without stabiliser.
  • Low noise 
  • 10 years warranty on compressor.


  • Small freezer.
  • The freezer is not frost free.

If you have any questions regarding refrigerators – please ask in the comments section below. We promise to respond as quickly as we possibly can.

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