Dominos Best Pizza and Crust in India

Taste differs from person to person, but over the years I’ve preferred the taste of Dominos over their rival Pizza Hut. Their toppings are really tasty, some of their crusts are good, the delivery time is almost always less than 30 minutes (else you get your money back) and they deliver the pizza hot!

Personally, I am a fan of their ‘non-vegetarians pizzas’ but I have also ordered some of their ‘veg pizzas’. Please vote for your favourite pizza at the end of this article, it will be helpful for others who read this article.

In order of my preference, below are the Best Vegetarian Dominos Pizzas:

  1. Veg Extravaganza (ingredients include Black Olives, Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Mushroom, Fresh Tomato, Golden Corn, Jalapeno, Extra Cheese): I do not like corn on my pizza, so I request them not to include it.
  2. Cloud 9 (ingredients include Onion, Tomato, Babycorn, Paneer, Crisp Capsicum, Jalapeno): Some people who not like Paneer and Cheese together, but I kinda liked it. Not as many different ingredients as Veg Extravaganza, but quite tasty nonetheless.
  3. Mexican Green Wave (ingredients include Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Fresh Tomato, Jalapeno sprinkled with exotic Mexican Herbs): Ordered this recently and found it to be tasty. The Mexican herbs do taste good.

Best Non Veg Dominos Pizzas:

  1. Chicken Dominator (ingredients include Grilled Chicken rashers, Double Barbeque Chicken, Exotic Chicken Salami, Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chicken, Italian sausage): This is my favourite and by far the Best Dominos Pizza! If you like Salami and Sausage like I do, you absolutely must taste this. For the Dominator pizza, I prefer the normal ‘Classic Hand Tossed’ crust. The pizza doesn’t look great on picture that they have on the website, but take my word and try it out.
  2. Chicken Mexicana (ingredients include Onion, Fresh Tomato, Red Paprika, Hot n Spicy Chicken sprinkled with exotic Mexican Herbs): It’s cheaper than Dominator and if you do not like Salami and Sausages, this is the next best option. Tried it with a variety of crusts, ‘Classic Hand Tossed’ is always good. ‘Wheat Thin Curst’ is healthier and I prefer to order this if it gets late in the night (fewer calories and easier to digest).
  3. Non Veg Supreme (ingredients include Black Olives, Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Mushroom, Hot n Spicy Chicken, Chunky Chicken): Another loaded pizza that tastes good with any crust. I love all the ingredients and I do sprinkle the pizza with Oregano and Red Chilly Flakes. Super yummy.

Dominos Pizzas Best Crust: In order of my preference, of course. Not all pizza crusts are available in all sizes, so I have also included the options in brackets

  • Cheese Burst (Medium and Regular): It’s the costliest but for those who love cheese, it’s a dream. Always have Cheese Burst at a Dominos outlet. It tastes the best immediately after it’s prepared.
  • Classic Hand Tossed (all sizes): It goes well with all pizzas and is the cheapest option too.
  • Wheat Thin Crust (only Medium): Healthiest crust and fewer calories because of the thin crust. Taste is subjective, some love it, a lot of people don’t.
  • Fresh Pan Pizza (Medium and Regular): Ordered this recently and quite liked it. Do give it a try.
  • Double Cheese Crunch (only Medium): It tastes good, but Dominos is not always consistent taste-wise with this crust.
  • Italian Crust (only Medium): Not ordered this crust too many times to be honest. Didn’t like it much.

Dominos Non Veg Pizza

Best Pizza Mania Combos: Again in order of my preference and taste. I will always be a little biased towards non veg. You won’t get discounts on these pizzas, as coupons are not applicable. All combos come with 4 pizzas, all of them are regular size.

  • Non Veg Doubles: Jalapeno & Bbq Chicken, Onion & Spicy Chicken, Onion & Chicken Salami, Capsicum & Chunky Chicken. Love it. You get a lot of quantity for a price of Rs 475 including taxes. Value for money, enough for 2 people.
  • Mixed Doubles: 2 Veg (Jalapeno & Onion, Tomato & Corn) and 2 NonVeg Pizzas (Onion & Spicy Chicken, Capsicum & Chunky Chicken). Priced around Rs 425 including taxes.
  • Veg Doubles: Onion & Capsicum, Tomato & Corn, Jalapeno & Onion, Paneer & Onion.

Some Buying Tips for Dominos Pizzas:

  • If you like ‘Cheese Burst’, it’s better to visit a nearby Dominos outlet instead of taking home delivery. The cheese tastes great only when it’s liquidy. But since it takes time for delivery, the cheese tends to toughen up (harden) and it just doesn’t taste good 30 minutes after its prepared. If you prefer home delivery but still want to have ‘cheese burst’, heat it in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds and consume it as soon possible.
  • You can request the Dominos Chef not to include a certain ingredient if you don’t like it.
  • I prefer to order online. Do watch out for great offers, I usually order on Fridays or Wednesdays when they give either ‘Buy One Pizza and get One Free’. These days Dominos has been offering 50% discount on pizzas on Saturday. It’s always better to plan your pizza around these offers, because you do save a lot of money.
  • The quantity of their ‘combo’ pizzas are great. quite like their ‘non veg doubles’ and ‘mixed doubles’ (2 veg and 2 non veg). There are no offers on these.
  • When I take home delivery, I always ask Dominos to make sure the pizza is hot. If the pizza is not hot enough when its delivered, return it immediately. Remember, Dominos pizza tastes best when its piping hot.
  • You can also ask the delivery guy for some extra Oregano and Chilli Flakes.
  • Crazy tip: Once the order is placed online, I usually get a phone call to confirm the order. When confirming, I make it a point to tell them that the chicken was on the lesser side last time. When I do this, I’ve noticed that Dominos tends to include more Chicken pieces than they otherwise would. If you like Chicken, try this tip 😉
  • A lot of people ask if Dominos returns money if the pizza is not delivered within 30 minutes. Yes, this is true and they do not deduct the amount from the delivery boy’s salary. I don’t usually complain if they delivery it 2-3 minutes late (as long as the pizza is hot), but if they deliver it 35 minutes after the order, I get my refund. I have got my money back a few times.
  • I never add ‘extra toppings’, it’s way too expensive and no value-for-money.

Size of Dominos Pizza in India

  • Regular – 8 inches or 20 cm
  • Medium – 10 inches or 25 cm
  • Large – 12 inches or 30 cm

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