Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 Rupees

A good wired mouse is an absolute must if you want to play games, especially those who play multiplayer or first person shooter (FPS) games. Thankfully, there are quite a few good options in the market today, if you are looking for a gaming mouse under 1000 rupees.

Optical vs Laser Mouse for Gaming:

Optical mouses are by far the most popular choice, because they are more accurate than Laser mouses. A lot of people assume that the Laser technology is superior because its newer, but that isn’t the case because optical sensors are not only superior but are also more precise and reliable.

Wireless vs Wired Mouse for Gaming:

Get the wired mouse. Not only are they cheaper, but they are more responsive (very important for gaming) and there are no hassles with buying batteries and replacing them. Remember, gaming wireless mouses consume more battery power, which also means more frequent battery changes. It not only adds to the expense, but also compromises on responsiveness.

So with all things considered, here are our recommendations for the Best Gaming Mouse under 1000.

1. Dragon War ELE-G9 Thor Gaming Mouse- Rs 1000

Dragon War ELE-G9 Thor Bluetrack with Marco Funtion Mouse Wired Gaming Mouse
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  • Excellent build quality, rubberised matte finish
  • 7 buttons that are customisable and ergonomically placed
  • Bluetrack technology which means you can use it on any surface unlike normal mouse
  • Light weight (doesn’t feel too light either, which is another positive)
  • Comes with 4 DPI resolution settings: 800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 dpi
  • DPI range can easily be changed with click of a button (also customisable with software)
  • Comes with Turbo boost button, helps you play some shooting games
  • Mouse pad is included in the box with the mouse (size of the mat is 34 x 25 cms)
  • Long braided cable (1.8 metres / 6 feet)
  • We tested it on Windows 10.1, works well.
  • Comes with LED light
  • Excellent value for money budget mouse.
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Lacks 400 dpi option
  • Might be difficult to use for people who have small hands.

2. Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse – Rs 800

Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse
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  • Cursor functions really well and is responsive
  • The mouse is extremely lightweight
  • The DPI button is well placed and you will not strike it accidently.
  • Has matte finish, feels good and perfectly fit into the hand
  • 250 – 2500 DPI
  • You can board default setting using the Logitech system software from the internet
  • Fairly long cable (1.3 m / 4.2 feet)
  • Good price, can even be purchased by non-gamers.
  • Works well on all versions of Windows, including 10.1
  • Since it’s a Logitech brand, there are several centres all over the country.


  • Average build quality.
  • The mouse doesn’t come with LED lights
  • Doesn’t come with DPI indicator
  • Cables are not braided
  • Mouse pad is not included along with the mouse.

3. Zebronics Steam Gaming Mouse- Rs 700

Zebronics Steam Gaming Usb Mouse
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  • Stylish design
  • Comes with LED light
  • The matte finish makes it look premium
  • Long bradded cable
  • Compatible with Windows 10.1
  • 2400 DPI
  • Buttons are well placed and work smoothly
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Comes with DPI button


  • Doesn’t come DPI indicator, you need to move the cursor to know.
  • A bit large for a medium sized hand
  • Doesn’t come any software.

Gaming mouse has been tested on both laptops and Desktop PC’s with games like Counter Strike 1.6, DOTA 2 and a few others.

If you have any questions related to gaming mouse, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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