Is iPhone 7 worth the upgrade from iPhone 6?

Apple has always had a thing with their products. Everybody wishes to own an apple product. Whenever An iPhone gets launched lots of customers wait hours to get their hands on the product.

Apple has been very successful in breaking the stereotypes with their new product. Back then, when they first introduced an iPhone, many people had no idea on how it works.

Every year Apple launches the upgraded version of iPhone. This year Apple launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which sports a 5 inch and 5.5 inch display respectively. Both this smartphones are priced at Rs 60000 and Rs 80000 respectively. Now the main question is it worth upgrading your old iPhone 6S with iPhone 7?

Here are some positives and negatives of owning an iPhone 7 and We will also give you the reasons of whether to upgrade or not.

  • Design : The main thing about upgrading a phone is the design.  Apple hasn’t changed much on it’s looks, it still looks much like it’s predecessor iPhone 6S.
  • Build: It still sports a aluminium unibody curved edges with 2.5 D glass, however this time it is a waterproof phone. So thats the biggest change in the smartphone. The back feels slippery while holding and would need a case to support it.
  • Display: The screen resolution still remains the same, it still sports the old 750X1340 resolution. Apple has however upgraded the technology under the display resulting in better quality picture.
  • 3D touch: One of the best feature in iPhone, none of the phones have been able to get this in their phone. However compared to iPhone 6S, in which it was first introduced has slightly changed a bit.
  • Home button : This is probably one such thing that shouldn’t have been changed, the push button has been changed to a static button powered by 3D touch technology. This also acts as the fingerprint sensor unlike iPhone 6S, you can only use this home button without any gloves. Although it isn’t that impressive you get used to it after a while.
  • Headphone jack : One of the worst thing that Apple got rid off is the Headphone jack, many of us are so used to listening to music via the headphone jack. Removing that has made it difficult to use the phone. However they do supply a convertor that need to be attached to the earphones/headphones to listen to music. This convertor is small and risk of losing it is high, so make sure you keep it safely.
  • Camera : Apple has improved the camera on 7, the design of the rear camera has been changed. The lens are much bigger compared to the predecessor and it no longer sports a aluminium ring around it. The  rear camera still comes with 12MP, however now it comes with optical image stabilisation. This means that you can click better  pictures even in low light area. The videos come out very stable and good. you can even blur out the background while clicking the pic. The selfies taken from iPhone 7 come out good as well compared to iPhone 6S . If you mainly into photography or you just love to click pics that we would suggest you upgrade it to iPhone 7.
  • Speaker : Unlike iPhone 6S, this phone comes with dual speakers that produces good sound. Very loud and clear within the room.
  • Call Quality : The call quality has also been improved on iPhone 6S, the clarity is good.
  • Performance:  The performance with A10 Fusion chipset is much better and faster compared to iPhone 6S , however by saying that iPhone 6S is much faster as well. So upgrading it to iPhone 7 just for a faster processor doesn’t make any sense.
  • Battery : The battery has been improved from iPhone 6S. It lasts a bit longer than iPhone 6S. The reason being the A10 fusion chipset and the removal of headphone jack. Apple claims that the removal of iPhone jack has really helped to improve its battery life and we couldn’t agree more.
  • Pricing : The pricing is too high compared to iPhone 6S, In India the starting price for iPhone 7 with 32GB starts from Rs 60000 and goes about Rs 80000 for 128GB.

Conclusion : After the detail comparison between iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. The conclusion is that iPhone 7 has a better camera, faster processor and slightly better battery life other than that there is no major changes in the phone. Should you upgrade it to iPhone 7? Our answer in NO, reasons being the design is still the same and most of the things have not changed, Buying a iPhone 7 for Rs 60000 is not worth buying. Also Apple will be celebrating their 10 anniversary next year, so keeping this in mind we are sure that Apple will change its design for the upcoming iPhone and will also get in some new features. Unless you are using an old iPhone 4 or 5, don’t upgrade it from 6S to 7.

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