Best Diaper for Newborn Baby 2020

Choosing the right diaper for your newborn baby, can make a huge difference. If the diaper is comfortable, the baby can sleep better. If the baby sleeps well, you can sleep well too 🙂

A good diaper will not give the baby rashes (also called diaper rashes).

Do note, there are two types of diapers – cloth-based which is costlier, but reusable and cheaper. And the second is disposable diapers – which is a lot more convenient and the upfront cost is less.

This article is about ‘disposable diapers’, so we will be listing only the Top 5 Best Diapers for Newborn Babies.

Before that, let’s quickly list out the different size of diapers and which size would suit your baby the best.

Baby WeightDiaper SizeAge of Baby
Upto 4 – 5 kgNew Born SizeUpto 3 months
4 – 7 kgSize S (Small)3 – 6 months
7 – 12 kgSize M (Medium)6 month to 1 year
9 – 14 kgSize L (Large)1 to 1.5 year
12 – 17 kgSize XL (Extra Large)1.5 to 2.5 years
15 – 25 kgSize XXL (Extra Extra Large)Above 2.5 years

An important tip: Smaller diapers cost less, but they also hold less urine. Since weight varies from baby to baby, pick the next large-sized diaper if your baby is filling up the diaper too quickly. For example, if the newborn diaper is filling quickly, it’s time to buy the Size S diaper – which will hold more urine. The other aspect to look at is the size. The diaper can get tight very quickly as newborns grow very fast. If it’s not comfortable, buy the next size.

We’ll list out the Top 5 New Born diapers – after which, the bottom of the article will have a lot more information which you can read.

Best Diaper for Newborn Baby in India

1. Pampers Newborn Diaper (Taped)

Best Diaper for Newborn Baby 2020

What we like about the Pampers diapers

  • It’s a taped style of diaper which is very convenient for newborns. The size won’t be an issue since you can adjust accordingly. The other type of diaper is ‘pant style’ which is fixed size, so you cannot adjust the diaper. ‘Taped style’ can also be removed easily.
  • The material of Pampers Newborn diaper is very soft and comfortable, both inside as well as outside.
  • It has good absorption and the capacity is good too.
  • The diaper comes with wetness indicator which shows a ‘blue indication’ if the diaper is full.
  • It’s leak proof. So the urine collected won’t leak from any side.
  • The diaper is infused with mild lotion that helps protect baby’s delicate skin from rashes and irritation.
  • Unlike Mamy Poko pants, this diaper is very light. Hardly weighs anything. Even after the diaper is full.
  • It’s Made in India

What we didn’t like about the diapers

  • Slightly more expensive than Mamy Poko pants.

2. Mamy Poko Newborn (Pant)

Mamy Poko Diaper New Born Baby

What we like about the Mamy Poko diapers

  • The material is soft and thick, better than Huggies material wise, but not as soft as Pampers
  • Very good absorption capacity, the crisscross sheet can absorb a lot of urine. Be rest assured, your newborn will be urinating a lot because of breast-milk only diet.
  • It’s leak proof, urine doesn’t leak even when it’s full. It comes with stretchable thigh support which helps urine to not leak out.
  • It’s very easy to wear, although personally I feel taped style is better for newborns.
  • Even with excessive use the baby doesn’t get rashes due to the soft and comfortable material.
  • It’s more affordable than Pampers.
  • It’s Made in India

What we didn’t like about the diapers

  • Doesn’t come with wetness indicator which is actually very helpful for new born baby. This indicator tells you clearly when the diaper is full and needs to be replaced. Without that it’s a bit difficult to make out how much urine your baby has let out. Also, when you do not exactly know when it’s full – you might throw away the diaper before it is fully used.
  • The pant style diaper might be little difficult for a new born baby who are bigger in size. It might leave marks on the skin, because the skin of newborn babies is very delicate and soft.
  • It’s slightly more bulkier than Pampers new born, so if the diaper does get full it might be very heavy for the baby.

3. Pampers Premium Newborn Diaper (Pant)

Pampers Premium Care New Baby Diaper

What we like about the Pampers Premium diapers

  • Very soft material and probably the best material used compared to all the diapers in this list. Marks do not appear on the baby’s skin even if the diaper is a little tight.
  • The reason this is listed 3rd is because it’s on the costlier side and it’s not taped. If you like the ‘pant’ style diaper and money is not a problem, this should be your top pick.
  • The diaper is very comfortable to wear and extremely light-weight. The baby will probably not even make out whether he / she is wearing a diaper or not.
  • Comes with wetness indicator that indicates if the diaper is full or not.
  • Comes with a ‘cello tape’ at the back, which makes it easy to dispose the diaper.
  • The side material is strong doesn’t tear off easily.
  • The super soft technology doesn’t create any irritation to the skin and hence protects the baby from rashes
  • Is made in India.

What we didn’t like about the diapers

  • Very expensive compared to other diaper, Costs around 12 Rs per diaper if you buy a bulk pack
  • Its aborbent capacity is a bit poor compared to that of Mamy and Huggies
  • Sometimes it does leak from behind which is bit of a issue.

4. Huggies New born (Taped)

Huggies New Born Diaper

What we like about the Huggies diapers

  • Has good absorbing capacity compared to all the other diapers. Can stay dry for 12 hours.
  • Comes with urine indicator that can indicate if the diaper is full.
  • It’s a taped diaper, which I feel is ideal for newborn babies until the age of 3-4 months.
  • Doesn’t create any irritation to the skin, hence no rashes.
  • The air fresh material helps the skin breathe.
  • Price is on the lower side.


  • It’s China made.
  • The material is a little rough compared to other diapers. So you may not particularly like the touch and feel of the material.
  • A bit heavy or bulky compared to other diapers.

5. Pampers Active Baby Diapers (Tape)

Pampers Active Baby Diapers


  • Same as that newborn pampers
  • Extra soft and extra absorbent technology
  • It’s infused with aloe vera lotion, which helps need the skin moisturized and prevents rashes.


  • Expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common sense is all you need here.

  1. If the tape of the diaper doesn’t reach the center of the waistband, it’s time to look for a bigger diaper. At the same time, if the tape is too long, the diaper could be big.
  2. If there are marks on the baby’s waist, it means the diaper is small. To reconfirm this, put the diaper on the baby, then insert two finger near the belly / waist area. If the diaper feels tight around your finger, it’s time to buy a bigger diaper.
  3. If your baby is getting rashes – in spite of you buying good quality diapers – it could be because of small or tight diapers.
  4. One important point – if there is leakage, it could be because the diaper is too big for your baby. Correct size is important. It should neither be too large nor too small.
  5. If the baby is waking up from sleep a lot of times, check to see if it could be because of the diaper. Check the diaper areas to see if there is any rash.

This number will vary from baby to baby. But since a newborn baby is almost entirely dependent on breast milk for atleast the first 4-5 months of its life, your baby will be peeing a lot!

88% of breast milk is water. So you can image.

To answer the question, a newborn baby requires about 5-6 diapers per day. This number will decrease significantly as your baby grows up.

The simple answer is ‘trial and error’ method. We found Pampers to be the best, especially the premium variant. It’s very soft.

However, every baby is different and skin can react differently too. So order a monthly pack and use it for a few weeks. If you like it, continue using it. If not, try another brand.

The trick is to order large packs. For example, at the time of writing this article – a pack of 24 diapers costs â‚ą 13.2 per diaper. 72-piece pack costs â‚ą 12.7 per diaper and 144-piece pack costs â‚ą 11.5 per diaper.

As you can see, the larger the pack, cheaper the cost. Also, for a new born baby, even the large 144-count packs will last only about a month. If you order smaller packs, you’ll have to order is every week or once in two weeks.

It’s always better to buy and store. Diapers can be kept in the cupboard for a long time without any problem.

I’ve always preferred Amazon because their customer service and price is good. Returning an order if there is any defect is also very easy.

Their prices are very competitive too. If not Amazon, it would either be Firstcry or Flipkart.

Online is way cheaper than local stores. Supermarkets like Reliance Smart can give competitive prices, but I’ve found Amazon to be cheaper than any local store.

Buy from a local store if there is any emergency. Do compare prices. It’s all about buying the cheapest – isn’t it?

You can use diapers with quality baby wipes and also if there are any rashes, rash creams can be applied too. However, if a diaper is causing rashes that don’t go away within a week – you need to consult a doctor who will see what the product is – or you can try another brand of diaper to see if the rashes will go away.

Coconut oil also works as an excellent moisturiser of the skin, as compared to commercially available rash creams etc. If you have good quality cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil – use it on your baby. It’s not only good for the diaper area – but the entire body. Can be applied half an hour before giving a bath.

The daiper is filled with ‘Super Absorbent Polymers’. It also has ‘fluff’ made from wheat or corn materials. The Polymers absorb the urine, the fluff distributes it throughout the diaper.

It’s important for the urine to reach the Polymers, so that it can absorb. If the diapers are too large, the urine might fall near the cotton area of the waist and this can result in leakage.

So if there is leakage, make sure you aren’t buying over-sized diapers. This is especially true for babies that are short and skinny.

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