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SM Bulletin Review: Sunil Minglani’s Weekly Video Service

Before starting the review, let me make it very clear. This ‘SM Bulletin Review’ is 100% honest.

I’ve subscribed to Sunil Minglani’s Bulletin for 6 months, this article will strictly be my experience of the service.

Minglani or his team have ‘not’ contacted me or tried to influence the opinions in the review.

Let’s start with the cost.

SM Bulletin Cost

TimePrice with GSTPer Month
1 month₹ 9558₹ 9558
3 months₹ 19,116₹ 6372
6 months₹ 38,232₹ 6372
1 year₹ 74,340₹ 6195

Update: The price has been increased in September 2020. Now, one month subscription will cost you more than 9500.

  • As you can see from the list above, SM Bulletin is not cheap. In fact, it’s expensive.
  • The cheapest package is the yearly one, which works out to ₹ 6195 per month including GST.
  • The ‘1 month’ package is not value for money and you would not understand Sunil Minglani’s way of analyzing the stock market if you subscribe for just 1 month.
  • If you are subscribing for the first time, opt for the ‘3 month’ package. The cost of which is similar to ‘6 months’. If you like it, you can renew it again.
SM Bulletin Review
SM Bulletin Review: Prices above does not include GST. The price we have mentioned in the table, includes GST.

SM Bulletin Features

  • 2 videos per week: Long video on Saturday and Short video update on Wednesday.
  • Saturday video is 90-100 minutes long, it usually comes in two parts. The first part is around 60 minutes, which includes market psychology, some important news updates of the week, chart analysis of major indices like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Mid cap, Small caps and sometimes foreign indices along with Gold and Silver.
  • The second part of the Saturday video is 30-40 minutes long. Here, Minglani, analyses stocks – which he clearly says is not meant to be a recommendation.
  • The Wednesday video is 30-40 minutes long. It’s a quick update video on the direction of the market for the next two days (Thursday and Friday) along with quick updates on stocks.
  • There is also a PDF included along with the Saturday Bulletin, which includes weekly / monthly levels for Nifty, along with charts and open interest data.

That’s about it.

Now the real question. Is it worth subscribing to SM Bulletin? Is Sunil Minglani’s analysis worth the hype he creates in his YouTube videos?

In fact, Minglani goes to the extent of saying – his students think SM Bulletin is free – because through his analysis they gain a lot of knowledge and also earn a lot of money.

‘Bulletin wale sab jaante hain’.

Is this true? Have I made money from SM Bulletin?

The answer is mostly, Yes. The experience so far has been positive. You can learn quite a bit by subscribing for SM Bulletin for 3 months, but there probably isn’t much value extending the subscription beyond 3 months.

SM Bulletin Review

What I liked about SM Bulletin:

A simple and easy to understand analysis, which is also entertaining. The style of narration is important, because if that is boring, then you cannot watch 2 hours of video every week.

Minglani is charismatic and entertaining, this is a big plus.

Also, Minglani’s analysis is not for ‘short term small money’. He encourages people to use technical analysis for long term or positional trades.

He has his own long term portfolio, and encourages others to do the same too. Instead of chasing quick and small money.

This is something that I have personally liked, since I have a long term portfolio of stocks too.

The biggest benefit for me, has been Minglani’s ability to think out-of-the-box and make long term prediction for the market.

It gave me the confidence to hold my portfolio when the market (Nifty) crashed to 7500 in March 2020.

When the market was at around 8000 levels, most other analysts and social media ‘experts’ were talking about 6500 and 4500 levels. Minglani was one of the few (probably the only analyst) who called the market bottom and claimed the market would rise from there.

From the time Nifty was at 8000, he constantly made correct predictions all the way till 11500 and he’s still bullish – calling this the most hated bull market.

It takes guts to make such bold predictions and Minglani has been constantly doing it from the time I have been following his Youtube channel.

On the day BJP lost three major state elections in November 2018, Minglani came live on Youtube and said the Modi government would win the 2019 Lok Sabha election with a record-breaking majority.

He stuck to his prediction throughout and was proved right in the end.

It’s this psychological edge which he possesses, that has given me the confidence to hold on to my stock portfolio in the last 6 months.

He makes a bold prediction and sticks to it with confidence.

His ability to go against ‘popular opinion’ and make brave predictions of his own – is a rare quality, which very few analysts have.

The stock suggestions which he gives out in SM Bulletin have also made me money. He chose the right sectors and picked the leaders out of them. Some of those stocks have given 50-100% returns between March and August.

Yes, the entire market has gone up in the last 5 months – almost all stocks have performed well. So it remains to be seen how well his analysis holds up when the market begins to correct.

He has gone wrong in the past. I subscribed to SM Bulletin for the first time in January. He was extremely bullish during this time, and the Mid and Small cap indices were also showing strength.

He miscalculated the impact of Covid in March. When the market was crashing and hitting lower circuits, Minglani was always hopeful of a quick turnaround. But the market kept crashing, most of his levels were broken very quickly.

Obviously, the stock recommendations which he gave also crashed out. Later, Minglani called this an ‘accident’ which can happen at any time.

It made sense to be me because the Covid related crisis was unexpected and brutal. During this period of extreme uncertainty, Minglani held his nerve – reduced the price of SM Bulletin – and right at the time when the market sentiment was extremely low – he said it’ll be a ‘V Shaped Recovery’.

This prediction eventually turned out to be correct. I did not sell my stocks because of him and this saved me a lot of money.

What I did not like about SM Bulletin:

The Bulletin tends to get repetitive after a certain period of time. I subscribed for 3 months, stopped my subscription for 1 month and then renewed again.

A break from the service once in a while, will not make you miss out on much.

Also, like mentioned above, the last 5 months have been good. Almost everyone who has newly invested or stayed invested has made money. It remains to be seen what kind of stocks Minglani will suggest in the days to come.

The Bulletin also needs a few new features. It’s been the same since the time it was launched. A few additions would further justify the price.

And finally, the price. Not everyone can afford it. For what is being promoted as ‘strictly for education’, the price is steep.

However, if you have experience in the market – especially if you are a trader – you could make money using the suggestions given on the Bulletin.

For those who have a large portfolio, but do not yet have the psychological edge in investing – you can learn a lot from Sunil Minglani. Not just his Bulletin service, but also his free videos on Youtube.

The stock market is mostly psychology. Having a psychological edge can be the difference between holding a bunch of quality stocks for a long period of time, or selling out for 10-20% gains.

Minglani’s Bulletin will keep you positive during tough times and also encourage you to build a long term portfolio of good stocks.

To sum up, I’ve personally learnt quite a lot from Sunil Minglani and SM Bulletin. If you can afford the price, go for it. All you need is basic knowledge of technical analysis (candle patterns, moving average etc).

I’ve done his ‘Technical Analysis Course for Beginners’ too. The review of that will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

Update October 2020: The SM Bulletin review has been updated with a few more views:

  1. The support team is pathetic and unprofessional. They are slow to respond. Also, the main part of the bulletin is released on Saturday. Their support is closed on Saturday and Sunday. So if there is any issue – like I once had with my app – then you have to wait till Monday for them to fix it. Don’t expect a ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ from the support team, even if they make you wait for hours.
  2. Another thing which I noticed – the stocks that are discussed in SM Bulletin are usually in a strong uptrend. Stocks which perform well are discussed the next week. But many stocks which fall are not discussed – the assumption which Sunil Minglani makes is the ‘stop loss’ has been hit and the position was closed.
  3. Also, if you are a long-term subscriber of SM Bulletin – it can get repetitive and boring after a few weeks. The analysis is similar every week and focuses on predicting how the market is likely to perform in the next few days. That’s about it.

Do not subscribe to SM Bulletin thinking you will learn Technical Analysis. For that, there’s a separate course which costs more than 10,000.

The SM Bulletin does not offer any value to those who have done the ‘Master Trader’ course from Sunil Minglani. The concepts of Master Trader are not discussed in SM Bulletin.

If you have any questions related to SM Bulletin Review or want to know my opinion on something, feel free to ask below.

If you have already subscribed to his service, you can post your own SM Bulletin review too.


  • I will share my very honest feedback about SM Bulletin here. I had taken the SM Bulletin after much deliberations and considerations about my ROI. Here is what he shares during his bulletin:-

    His view of Nifty and Bank Nifty. While he usually has a view, he always has several divergent views to save him if he goes wrong. And in my one month, there were several instances where he did go wrong. Every week, he shares his weekly levels. For one of the weeks, NIFTY easily broke his “Final Support Level” – hence its not sacrosanct. In fact I lost money following his levels. He used to share these view free before SM Bulletin was launched – and I dont think he should charge people for such views.

    His views of various stocks – Now, firstly the stock that he shares are all for positional trade of 1 month to 6 months duration. You might benefit from this, if you have big capital to invest in cash and you are ready to invest for a medium term. He will share around 15–20 stock names, show their charts but most of these would already have moved and will have limited scope for further movement. For people looking to make money in the immediate or short term or intraday, this program might not be for you. His recommended stocks generally goes up in the near term but there is no guarantee – there are lot of calls which hit big Stop Losses. If you invest in options, with his recommendations, chances are you will lose your money completely, since his recommendations are not generally time bound and you lose time premium in options.
    He does not take any responsibilities for trades taken with his advice. He starts everyday saying that he is posting this only as an educational video and it has only his analysis and any decision that you take is not his responsibility at all. This shows his clear lack of confidence.

    The quality of content is quite average though he does spend 2 hours a week shooting these videos. You will get such recommendation videos (much better than his) – free on the internet – trust me – I can tell this from my experience. For an end customer, is it worth the 10k per month (including GST) – probably not – if you do not have huge capital (10 Lakhs and above) to invest. He might feel he is charging for his time which is fair, but for an end customer, it is definitely not a route to make quick money, neither is it a profitable venture.

    Regarding ROI – whether you will get back your return on investment. He talks about a lot of stocks giving 50–70% return. While this might be true, you might not be able to benefit from it. What he doesn’t talk about is these stocks might take 1–6 months for giving that return and there is no guarantee- might hit hefty SL as well. Also, he would recommend 15–20 stocks. 4–5 of them would give a return of 20–30%. The rest would be either static or would give little movement or sometimes losses. So if you have to equally divide your portfolio amongst these stocks, you might not be able to get back your 10k at the end of 1 month if you have limited capital of 1–2 Lakhs.

    Also, he has a highly customer unfriendly team, whose only aim in life is to harass customers – have never met a more unfriendly bunch of customer service professional.

    My recommendation – Not at all worth the money you spend.

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