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Best Detergent Powder for Front Load Washing 2023

Best Detergent Powder Front Load Washing Machines

There are so many detergent powders available in the market today – as a buyer, it can be confusing which one to buy.

To add to the confusion, there are other options like ‘detergent liquids’ and ‘laundry pods’. Each of them have their positives and negatives.

In this article, we will focus on ‘detergent powders’ – which are by far the most popular choice of people in India, as they are cheaper than ‘detergent liquids’.

Before we get to our Top 5 list, let us go through some reasons why detergent powders are better than the other available options in the market.

Positives of Detergent Powders:

  1. They cost less per load, when compared to liquids or pods.
  2. The powders tend to last longer than liquids.
  3. Powders can more effectively clean heavily-stained dirty clothes (like uniforms of children).
  4. Easy to store, does not leak like liquids.

Negatives of Detergent Powders:

  1. Needs to be stored in a dry area, powders can disintegrate and become messy if there is moisture in the air. For example, a lot of people store detergent powders close to the kitchen. Moisture from the kitchen can ruin the powder.
  2. Lower quality powders may not mix well when the water used for washing is cold. If you are living in colder areas, liquids may be a better option.
  3. When powders do not mix well, they tend to leave a residue on the clothes

Note: This article on Best Detergent powders is for front-load washing machines only.

Best Detergent for Front Load Washing

1. Surf Excel Front Load Detergent (4Kg) – Rs 860


  • Surf Excel Powder is a very powerful detergent that even a small amount of the powder could easily wash a 6kg laundry.
  • Very strong fragrance that makes your cloth smell fresh. 
  • It has ingredients which makes it remove stains without any issue.
  • The cleaning granules get completely dissolved without remnants being trapped in the machine.
  • Suitable for both white and coloured.
  • Cheaper then Ariel Matic detergent.
  • Can be used for bucket wash.
  • It is Bleach free.
  • Surf Excel is the most popular brand in India.


  • Use a small amount of the detergent as the larger amount can damage the clothes.

2. Ariel Matic Front Load Detergent (4 Kg + 2 Kg Free) – Rs 1299 


  • The Ariel Matic has low sud formula which means that it will produce very less lather compared to other detergents.
  • Less residue is left behind due to low sud, very beneficial.
  • Strong fragrance that lasts longer.
  • Cleans the laundry well, even the stains get removed.
  • Suitable for both white and coloured.
  • Can be used for bucket wash
  • Brand Value 
  • Bleach free 


  • Expensive compared to Surf Excel 
  • The powder variant if used more , it will be harsh on clothes 

3. Henko Matic Front Load Detergent (2Kg) – Rs 500


  • If incase you are looking for an Indian made brand then go for Henko.
  • It effectively removes stain 
  • Has mild aroma, which smells great after wash not to strong. 
  • Need not use softener with this as the smell itself is good and nice.
  • Not to harsh on clothes, it doesn’t fade
  • Can be used on white and coloured.
  • A very good product if you do not want to use Surf or Ariel then definitely go for this.
  • Can be used for bucket wash 
  • Bleach free 


  • Slightly on the expensive side 

4. Syclone Matic Front Load Detergent (6Kg) – Rs 610


  • If you are on a budget and you are looking for a detergent as effective as top brands then look no further, syclone is the best 
  • Its Made in India brand
  • It has enzymes and formulation which reduced fading of the colours
  • Can be used on both white and coloured 
  • Leaves less residue after wash
  • Can be used for bucket wash
  • Value for money


  • Low fragrance
  • Have to use a bit more powder for every load of laundry. 

5. Tide Matic Front Load Detergent (2 Kg + 1 Kg Free) – Rs 460 


  • 20 to 30% lesser then Surf Excel and Ariel, cheaper then most products also gives similar result 
  • Effectively removes tough stains
  • Good for white and coloured clothes
  • Not to harsh on clothes
  • Can be used for bucket wash
  • Good fragrance after every wash
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes leaves white marks

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