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Disneyland Paris: How to buy cheap tickets

Disneyland Paris Euro and US Dollar Price Difference

A lot of people travel to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and also visit the iconic Disneyland. There are only 6 Disneylands in the world – California, Florida, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, Disneyland ranks high among places that you absolutely must visit. Especially if you have kids.

Since tickets are expensive, this article will help you get the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris.

Here are some points we will cover in this article:

  1. Plan a visit during weekdays. Avoid festivals and local school holidays.
  2. Buy a ‘dated’ ticket. Avoid ‘undated’ tickets.
  3. Visit for 2 days or more.
  4. Look for discounts on reliable websites.
  5. Secret Tip: Change currency from US Dollar to Euros on Disneyland website.
  6. Use a credit card with zero foreign exchange fee. Read our recommendation below.
Tip 1: Avoid school holidays, festivals and weekends

A quick look at the calendar on the Disneyland Paris will give you an idea as to how much the price differs when you visit during the holiday or festive season.

Let us take the ticket prices in May 2023 for example – because school holidays in India are during this month and many families travel overseas in May.

  • 8th May 2023 – 99 euros (8,700 rupees) per adult
  • 9th to 11th May 2023 – 72 euros (6,300 rupees)
  • 12th May 2023 – 79 euros (6,900 rupees)

As you can see from the comparison above, prices can vary significantly depending on the time you visit.

To make it simpler:

  • Saturday, Sunday and other holidays are the busiest days and tickets will cost you more.
  • Monday and Friday come next, they are less busy but expect ticket-prices and crowds to still be on the higher side.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the in-between days when tickets will usually be cheaper, and Disneyland Paris will be less crowded.
Tip 2: Buy ‘Dated’ tickets

Disney sells ‘dated’ and ‘undated’ tickets of Disneyland Paris.

Dated tickets: You need to select a date and then buy your tickets. These are cheaper. These tickets can be cancelled 3 days prior to your ticket date.

Undated tickets: You just need to pay a fixed amount and buy your tickets. These tickets can be used on any date. However, there are two problems. Tickets are priced very high and you still need to go to the Disney website and register the ticket for a particular date. If tickets are sold out for a particular date (like Christmas) you cannot use the undated ticket on that date.

In short, avoid ‘undated’ tickets, the price difference is huge.


  • 9th May 2023 – 72 euros (6,300 rupees)
  • Undated ticket – 105 euros (8,700 rupees).

The only reason to buy undated tickets is when you want to gift a Disney ticket to someone.

Tip 3: Visit for 2 days or more

The prices we discussed above is for 1-day tickets for one park. Disneyland Paris has two theme parks; Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios – both are close to each other, and both are worth a visit.

If you want to visit both, you will need more than 1 day. In fact, covering the main Disneyland in 1-day can also be very difficult if you have kids or if the park is crowded.

If you want a more relaxed and enjoyable trip to Disneyland, it makes sense to spend 2 or 3 days and cover both the parks.

More the number of days you stay, the cheaper the ‘per day’ cost.

The image below has the prices for tickets to both the Disney theme parks.

Disneyland Paris ticket prices
Tip 4: Find discounts on reliable websites

Prices on Disney prices are fixed, but some websites give discounts. For example, Klook sells Disneyland Paris tickets for slightly cheaper prices.

They also give free cancellation. We have used their website to buy tickets for activities in Thailand, and never had any problem.

Visit, compare the prices to those listed on the Disney website. If Klook is cheaper, buy from there. If prices are the same, buy directly from Disney.

Secret Tip: Change currency from US Dollar to Euros on Disneyland website

When you visit Disneyland Paris website for the first time from India – it will directly lead you to the international version which has prices listed in US dollars.

When we first purchased tickets, we weren’t aware that the US dollar prices were significantly higher than the prices for the same tickets in Euros.

Since the prices of 1-day undated tickets are fixed – let us compare the prices in US Dollars and Euros.

See the image below:

Disneyland Paris Euro and US Dollar Price Difference

The difference for the same tickets is quite shocking. When converted into rupees, here is what you are paying.

  • US Dollar tickets – 10,200 rupees
  • Euro tickets – 9200 rupees

A whopping thousand rupees more for the same tickets. And guess what, since we stayed at a Disney hotel – we ended up saving nearly 18,000 rupees by purchasing tickets in Euros instead of US Dollars!

Just this simple trick can save you a lot of cash.

Tip 6: Use credit cards with zero or low forex markup

This is another very useful tip that can save you a lot of money – not just on Disney tickets, but any transaction in a foreign country.

Most credit cards charge 3.5% plus GST as forex markup fee. This can make a big difference when you swipe your card abroad.

For example, let us assume you end up spending ₹ 1 lakh in Paris on Disney tickets, Eiffel Tower visit, food expenses etc.

This is how much your credit card will end up charging you.

  • Money spent – ₹ 1 lakh
  • Forex markup – ₹ 3500
  • 18% GST on Forex markup – ₹ 630
  • Total Credit Card bill – ₹ 1,04,130

You ended up spending ₹ 4130 or 4.13% more without even clearly understand that you are spending that much more. Banks won’t tell you this. A lot of people do not even clearly read through their credit card statements.

The solution to this problem is a credit card with low or zero forex markup fee.

There are a few credit cards that charge nothing – the one we use is IDFC WOW card. Not only is foreign exchange fee completely waived off, the credit card also does not have annual charges.

And, since forex markup fees is zero, there are no GST charges either!

You can apply for this card and use it only when you travel abroad. Click here to apply for the IDFC WOW card.

We hope you enjoyed this well-researched article on We work hard to make sure you save money on your purchases.

If you have any questions related to Disneyland Paris – please ask in the comments section below. We have visited the park twice, and also stayed at a Disney hotel.

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