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Advantages and disadvantages of removing 3.5mm Audio jack in iPhone 7

Apple recently released their flagship phone ‘iPhone 7’ and  ‘iPhone 7 Plus’. Although both the phones look very impressive, there is one thing missing in the phone and that’s the headphone jack.

Now Apple has been famous for removing components like the Floppy drive, DVD drive, VGA port, Ethernet port and even the USB port (Macbook 12 inch) from their own products, but the move to remove the 3.5mm audio jack has probably been the most talked about as iPhone is a mass-product selling in millions.

Nevertheless, everybody is crazy about Apple products mainly because of the looks, performance and software. These days nobody wants to buy a heavy product that is difficult to carry. Everyone prefers a lighter and stylish device and Apple fits right into the category.

Apple has always been the first one to eliminate certain things and ditching the audio jack has certainly made their product slimmer, simpler and more reliable.

At Apple’s event, Phil Schiller argued that removing the headphone jack was an act of “courage” on Apple’s part. The shift to the Lightning connector will shift audio circuitry from the iPhone into the headphones themselves, creating the opportunity for third parties to experiment with new features and designs.

According to the company here are 3 reasons for removing the headphone / 3.5mm audio jack

1. Apple has provided Lightning earphones which you can connect directly through the lighting charging port. If you still want to use your own headphones, you can buy an adaptor that lets you connect any 3.5mm headphone to the phone.

2. Eliminating the headphone jack has certainly given lot of place to improvise and improve the product. They have included a bigger battery, better camera and dual speakers. They were also able to make the phone water-resistant.

3. The 3rd reason is the wireless technology. Apple has come up with the new bluetooth headphones, that connects automatically to the phone. These headphones are sold separately and one can also opt for a different bluetooth headphones that work with the latest iPhone. Apple believes that wireless technology is the future.

Now the question over here is – Was it a good move to remove the headphone jack from iPhone 7? Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages :

1. As Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said at the iPhone 7 launch, “Maintaining an ancient, single-purpose, analogue, big connector doesn’t make sense because that space is at a premium” and hence by removing the headphone jack, they had the space to improve the phone. The battery, camera and the speakers all are better than iPhone 6. They have included dual speakers and dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus.

2. These days many people prefer using wireless headphones, and Apple too believes in it. Having headphones without the wire is much better. Apple has come up with their new Bluetooth headphones that connects automatically. Although it looks very impressive, there are chances of losing them.


1. The lightning headphones that is provided with the iPhone, doesn’t produce good sound and hence you are forced to listen through it. If you don’t wish to use them, then you will have to use a adaptor that is provided by Apple to connect your headphones. These adaptors are small and risk of losing them is high. So make sure you don’t lose them.

2.  You cannot charge and listen to the music simultaneously. Connecting both together is not possible at the same time. Apple might find a solution for this in the future.

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