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Top 10 Android Battery Saving Tips

More than half the population of the world is dependent on their smartphone these days. Whether it is making calls, staying in touch with friends, sending an email, finding a nearby restaurant, playing games, posting updates on social media or keeping yourself updated with the latest news – smartphones have become an integral part of our life.

But the single most irritating part of owning a smartphone is charging it! Who likes charging phones? Even worse, who likes it when you need to make an important call and there is just 1% battery left in your phone?! We’ve all had those moments, haven’t we?

With phones getting more powerful and usage increasing, batteries tends to drain faster and most of them don’t even last one full day.

Unlike the highly-optimised Apple phones that consume lesser battery power, Android phones make up for higher levels of power consumption by packing in larger batteries.

Here are some tricks that will help you use your phone for a little longer:

Android Phone Battery Life Tips

1. Brightness: The top most tip on saving battery is to decrease the brightness of your phone. Just decrease the brightness level of the phone manually and not by putting it on automatic brightness. If you are a heavy user and want your phone to last through the day, set it at the lowest possible setting, especially when you’re indoors.

2. Vibration : This may sound silly but switching off the vibration mode for calls will help save the battery life of your phone.

3. Notifications : We know how annoying it is to get all the unnecessary notifications and turning them down would be the best thing to do. Try to disable the notification for the apps that are not important and enable the one’s which are important. This will help save a bit of battery.

4. Radios:  Phones are smarter these days, but turning off NFC, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth can help you get those precious 10-15 minutes of extra battery life. Also switch off ‘mobile data’ when it is not required.

5. Wallpaper: It is always nice to have a colourful background, who doesn’t like a live wallpaper but having all these can take a lot of juice from your phone. Try to keep a static wallpaper with black background. This may look dull but it does help your phone’s battery life.

6. App Updates: Many may not be aware of this, but auto app updates does drain a lot of battery.  So make sure all your apps are updated and even if they are not, turn off the automatic app updates in the settings.

7. Background Apps: Clear the apps that are running in the background. Many may not be aware of this but running an app in the background not only drains battery but slows down the phone. So make sure you clear the app tray by just clicking the clear button.

8. Power Saving Mode : Most of the Android phones these days come with power saving mode that helps you increase battery life by more than 50%. It slows down your phone because the processor is running at lower speeds, but it does help during an emergency.

9. Signal Strength: If you are in an area where the signal (mobile reception) is poor, try to switch off the data or try to put the phone on airplane mode, this is because the phone will try to search for a stronger signal and hence has an adverse effect on the battery life. This tip is especially useful while travelling on bus or train.

10. Apps : Last but not the least, go to settings > go to battery. There you will get to see the list of applications and how much battery each app is consuming. If you see an app which is consuming a lot of battery, delete that app if it’s not useful or your don’t use it.

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