Best Mobile Phones under 15000 Rupees

When you stretch your budget to Rs 15000, there is a huge variety of mobile phones available from every manufacturer. To pick one phone out of more than 50 worthy contenders, can be a extremely difficult. To make your buying decision easier, we do all the research for you and pick the Best 5 Mobile Phones within 15000 rupees.

Some points to keep in mind before you make your purchase:

  • Most people who purchase phones with a budget of Rs 15000, plan to keep using the phone for atleast 2-3 years. Apart from build quality, it’s important that you find out if the manufacturer has a service centre in your city / town. Brands like Motorola,Samsung, Sony, LG and even Micromax have service centres across most cities. Make sure you find out before you make your purchase!
  • Android is the most popular mobile operating system in this price range. We strongly recommend that you pick Android, both for apps and games. Windows is the only other alternative, as the last 3 generations of Apple iPhone’s are not available under Rs 15000. People who prefer Blackberry, stop reading and get the Blackberry Z3 from Flipkart.

1.Moto G5 Plus 32GB (Dual Sim)- Rs 13000

Best Mobile Cover for Moto G5 Plus

 2. Redmi Note 4 64GB (Dual Sim) – Rs 12000

Redmi Note 4


    • @Sky : What exactly are you looking for in an smartphone? what are your priorities- Battery, Camera, Performance and Gaming. Let us know . If you looking for a phone with fast performance and good camera then go for Moto G Turbo. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser and the latest Asus Zenfone Max both are great phones Zenfone Max has got great battery life with 5000 mAh battery. We wouldn’t recommend Mi4 as it’s an outdated phone. Hope we have cleared your doubts, Let us know.

  • Sir I want bought a new phone 5 inch to 5.5 display long last batry 2 or 3 GB camera .fast charging..under30000…brand also

    • @Jagseer : Samsung recently launched their Galaxy A5 (2016) which comes with amazing features like Glass metal body, 5.2 inch Super AMOLED screen, finger print sensor, 2900 mAh battery, Dual Sim and 2 GB RAM. It also supports fast charging. Check Here : Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

  • Want to buy a smartphone under 15000. My criteria are good build quality, performance, camera and at least a full day lasting battery along with expandable memory (no hybrid concept).

    • @ Abhishek : We would have suggested Letv 1s with good build quality and fast processor, however the battery and camera are average. Since you are not looking for a phone with hybrid concept. We would not suggest Honor 5X and Lenovo K4 Note as well, As both the phones come with hybrid concept. However Asus Zenfone Max priced at Rs 9999 is a great phone to buy with good build quality, fast processor, good front and back camera and an amazing battery life of 5000 mAh which will easily last for more then 2 days. Check here for more information : Asus Zenfone Max

  • budget is 15k and i was thinking to buy the redmi note 3 32gb set..i am a great internet user,lyk to watch movies on please tell if this phn will be good for me..and also tell me about if there is any disadvantage of non removable battery in this phone..and does it heat up??
    Waiting for ur important reply..

    • @ Vijay : Lenovo Vibe X3 is one of the best mobile with 5.5 inch display, great camera, fast fingerprint sensor and fast processor. Check here for more : Lenovo Vibe X3 ( As of now it’s not available, but it’s worth the wait)

  • What can be the best phone other than Moto G turbo ( considering heat problem ) and Samsung under 15 k . Factors to be considered Camera , Processor and better quality in all terms

  • I am in confusion to buy a moto g turbo or letv…i am a game user and music lover nd i want brand also….which one i want to buy…pls tell me

  • I want to buy a smartphone under 14 k with good camera ,good sound quality,full hd,3gb ram,good touch nd better battery life plz tell me which phone should i buy

    • @ Deepak : Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is an excellent phone with 5.5 inch Full HD screen, good camera , 3GB RAM , fast fingerprint sensor and the best battery life. The biggest issue with this is phone is the availability, it’s only available through flash sales in Amazon, many have failed to get the phone. if you hate waiting you can go Honor 5x. The only issue with this phone is the average speakers

  • my priorities are- Battery, Camera, Performance and Gaming…
    should i buy asus zenfone 2 laser or zenfone 2 ze551ml 16 gb…or any other phones…my budget is-13k…

  • hi..
    I want to buy a phone under 15k.I want a phone with no heating issues, good camera (front and rear..), fine sound quality, lag free UI, durable also..
    Pls suggest me as i am confused alot..

  • I want a phone with following features
    -fingerprint sensor
    -without heating issue at all
    -huge battery life
    -5.5 inches screen
    -best camera
    -2GB RAM
    -HD display
    -My budget is ₹15000

    • @ Saran: There are no phones under Rs 15000 with all your requirements. If you want a waterproof phone you can buy Moto G Turbo with 2 GB RAM but doesn’t come with fingerprint sensor. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with 3 GB RAM and fingerprint sensor but is not a waterproof phone.

  • I want to buy a phone under 15k.I want a phone with no heating issues

    my priorities are- Battery, Camera, Performance and Gaming…

    my budget is 15000

  • Hello. I wanna buy a phone under 15000. And am confused in these phones.
    1-redmi note 3
    2-lenovo k4 note
    3-honor 5X
    4-meizu m3 note(upcoming)
    *my requirements are:–
    ->gaming processor
    ->long battery life
    ->no heating issue
    ->5.5 screen at least
    ->fast charging
    ->fingerprint scanner
    ->no hanging issue during multitasking or gaming and all.
    ->good camera
    Please suggest me

    • We would have recommended Redmi Note 3, but the availability is an issue, you will have to register and wait for the flash sale. Also the phone heats up after considerable amount of time. You can go for Honor 5X, comes with 5.5 inch screen, fingerprint sensor, good battery life, camera and no hanging issue, However it doesn’t support quick charging. Check Here: Honor 5X

      • I would like to buy a phone with very loud speakers for music and watching movies and under 15k with 5 inch or 5.5 inch display. And good call quality.

        • @ Gautam: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a good phone with 5.5 inch screen, fingerprint scanner, good speakers and call quality. Only issue with the phone is the availability. You will have to register and wait for the flash sale on wednesday. Check here: Redmi Note 3

  • I want to buy a cell of
    ->long battery life
    ->no heating issue
    ->5.5 screen at least
    ->fast charging
    ->fingerprint scanner
    ->no hanging issue during multitasking
    ->good camera
    Please suggest me my budget is 11000

    • @ Ginal: We would have recommended Redmi Note 3, but the availability is an issue, you will have to register and wait for the flash sale. Also the phone heats up after considerable amount of time. You can go for Honor 5X, comes with 5.5 inch screen, fingerprint sensor, good battery life, camera and no hanging issue, However it doesn’t support quick charging. Check Here: Honor 5X

  • I want to buy a phone
    With 3gb ram
    For gaming,long battery life , I use internet 24hr and need good camera phone with good speaker under 15k
    Shall I go for redmi note3,leeco le2,mito x2nd gen,one plusx,or any other

  • I want to buy a phone with fingerprint sensor, marshmallow version(or atleast will receive marshmallow update soon), good battery life, and performance(for gaming mostly). Camera performance is expected but an average camera is tolerable(i am not selfie crazy). I am a developer, so these specs are a must. Budget is 15K. Should i go for lenovo k4 note or xiaomi redmi 3…?

    • @ Chintu: There are no problems in Oneplus X, except for that the phone doesn’t come with fingerprint sensor. Other than its a great phone to buy.

  • Please tell me good phone with following specifications…
    1. 3 gb RAM
    2. Good camera (13 + 5 mp)
    3. GOOD BATTERY (3000 mah or more)
    4. Marshmallow or marshmallow upgradable android OS
    5. Dual sim + extrs memory card slot ( upto 128 gb expandable )
    6. Internal memory – 16 / 32 gb
    7. OTG supportive ( pendrive to mobile )
    Others – 4G, atleast 2.2 G Htz processor, 5.5 inch display ( full hd ), Slim, good look etc….

    Budget is 13,000 – 20,000
    Pls..suggest me a phone with all above features…

  • Sir, I wanna buy an android smartphone having the following specifications and features.

    3.Expandandable memory heating issues rear and front cameras
    6.DISPLAY: 5/5.5 inches
    7.fingerprint scanner
    8.Marshmallow upgrade/inbuilt sound speakers
    10.Octa core processor
    11.My budget is 16k

    Please suggest me a phone having these features. Thank u

  • lenovo zuk z1 / honor 5x / Eluga switch / one plus x
    which above mobile is good for camera and audio?
    can i go to brand sony xperia c4 / htc desire 626?
    please suggest me.

      • Sir,
        i would like to buy a mobile at 15k, which is a good one without heating issue and if i go for latest zenfone 3 which is good to buy.

        • @ Anil: Zenfone 3 will be available only after August. If you can wait till then. If not we would recommend you to buy Redmi Note 3 for Rs 11999. One of the best phones we have used so far.

  • Planning to buy a reliable phone around 15000..thinking about moto g4 plus and Samsung j7 2016…which is better or anything else than these two?

  • hello..
    I’m really interested in moto g4 plus.
    But I read many reviews says that it has over heating issue while charging and gaming. Is that true?? should I go for any other smartphones?? My budget is below 15k. plz give me suggestions

  • Should I buy a micromax canvas 6,Lenovo zuk z1,Moto g4 pls suggest me , I want a phone with fingerprint and Rom and ram i am a heavy gamer

  • I play heavy games
    Click photos
    And always use internet
    Suggest me a mobile under price 15000
    Mi note 3,k4 note,le 2,zuk z1,mi note 2 if launched under my price,and me


    • @ Chandra : Both the phones are equally good, but the processor that is used in Lenovo Zuk Z1 is Snapdragon 801 chipset and its an outdated one. If that doesn’t bother we would recommend you to buy Lenovo Zuk Z1.

  • @Buying Tips
    I am totally get confused ,about to buy a smart phone with low sar value phones with good specifications under 17000 .
    please help me .

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 / Asus zenfone selfie / Motorola Moto G4 plus ?

    • @ Sooraj : Motorola has got the highest SAR value among the three, Specs wise Motorola G4 plus or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is good. We recommend you buy to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 as it doesn’t heat up.

  • I came to know that moto g 4 plus have some heating issues, does that affect the performance of the mobile or is it uncomfortable to handle when it is heatedup

    • It does affect the performance. I am using moto g4 for last 4 days. It really heats a lot. The phone lags after even after using lighter apps. Even the camera is not good. Poor value for money. My recommendation, do no buy this phone.

    • @ Nivin Raj: Since you are lookng for a phone with the best front camera, we would recommend you go for Zenfone Selfie, it is one of the best selfie camera. Even the primary camera takes good pictures.

  • Sir my budget is 15000 to 20000 plz tell me which phone is better for me in

    I wanna best camra best bettery and gaming performance in 5.5 inch

    Sir think about vibe p1 turbo , g4plus , zuke z1

    Plz tell me which phon is better for me

    • @ Viki : Yu Yunicorn is a average phone. You can either buy Lenovo Zuk Z1 or Redmi Note 3 both are very good. The only problem in Zuk Z1 are the speakers it isn’t loud enough.

  • I want to buy a phone under 15k and i am not able to decide between redmi note 3 32GB and ZUK Z1. I have a slight inclination towards ZUK Z1 because it has Cyanogen I don’t like MIUI that much but user reviews says that they are getting defective pieces and have problems with sim detection, hanging , Heating etc. in Z1. I am a type of person who wants to root the phone and test everything on it and get the best out of it. Please help me.

  • buying tips sir,
    which phone should i buy in 15,000 budget.
    redmi note3,
    xiaomi mi5
    xiaomi max
    xiaomi mi4i.
    what is the best phone in 15,000 budget?

    • @ Jay: Above all the phones you have mentioned Mi5 is one of the best phones but since you are looking for a phone priced under Rs 15000. You can go for Redmi Note 3.

  • Buying tips sir, sorry to disturb you again but a final question:
    1) I checked with several sources and websites, but i find
    Le Eco Le2 is rated higher than Xiaomi Note3
    Is it true? Which one should I go in for?
    Thanks again

  • BSir my budget is 8000 to 8500 and i want a mobile in which;
    2 gb ram
    16 gb rom
    Best gaming performance
    Battery 3300 mph
    Screen 5/5.5 inch
    Finger print
    4g network
    Not hanging
    So which mobile i buy sir tell ans. Hurry plse.

  • hi i want to buy phone under 15000 is lenovo vibe k5 is good or any issue in it, and i want ram more than 3gb and camera qulity good more thane 13mp, internal memory 32, with fast charging and processor is more than 1.7ghz

  • I want to buy lenovo Zuk Z1 but there are lots of negative reviews on amazon regarding network, touch and hanging issue. So should I buy it?

  • I want a phone that has good battery and doesn’t heat. Both of these even after intensive gaming and my budget is 20k. Would you suggest me a phone.@Buying Tips

    • @ Shashank : Have a look at Lenovo Vibe X3 or even the latest Asus Zenfone 3 for Rs 21999. Asus battery may not last for a longer time other than that it is a great phone. It can handle most of the heavy games.

  • Planning to purchase new phones in 2 nd week of September & my budget is 15,000 but waiting for gud product release because currently in market all gud devices are wid hybrid slot n I want device with dual + sd,I’m waiting for good product launch..I want gud processor n dual+sd..plz recommend me gud devices in my budget or devices launching in my budget with dual+sd slot.

  • Hi. I am looking for a phone with good battery backup and without heating issues with heavy use under 15000. I should be able to use the phone for atleast the next three years.I am considering the Redmi note 3 with the only concern being the expandable memory. Would it be a wise choice? Also, should I wait for the redmi note 4?

  • I want to purchase phone below Rs 15000. LOW SAR =1.5 GB is desired. Good network connectivity. battery min 2500 mah. Good buid quality and mobile phone screen should not break on falling ( gorilla tough glass preferred). I have previously used Samsung galaxy grand max. It was good but lately started hanging. / app crash.

  • In My personal View, Asus Zenfone 3 Best Phone You can Find Under price of Rs.15000. You may not agree but i am using it from last 9 months and i can say its just awesome. never lag since 9 months. very good battery backup..anyway thanks for the post.

  • I want best audio quality phone with 4gb ram, gorilla glass protection, Snapdragon processor, good camera, at least 3000 MPA battery and metallic body upto 16000. pl give good advice. Thanks.

  • These are the best phones available in the market right now for this budget, including Android and Windows Phone handsets and should give you great value for money. Thanks for sharing.

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