Best Mobile Phones under 20000 Rupees

As you increase your budget to somewhere around Rs 16000 – 20000, there are tons of different phones available in this price range. Unfortunately, a lot of them have similar specifications and features, which makes your buying decision difficult. Upcoming Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Huawei have packed their phones with powerful processors and excellent cameras, which is great value for money. However, a lot of people are brand conscious and prefer to pick phones from popular and established brands like Samsung, Sony, LG or even Motorola.

So the decision is pretty simple. If you’re not brand conscious and want value for the money that you spend, you should go with Chinese brands. Else, if after-sale support (i.e nearby service centres, repairs, warranty etc) and brand is extremely important to you, then you should pick up a phone like Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Below is our list of best mobile phones under 20000 rupees.

1. Moto G5S Plus (Dual Sim) – Rs 14000

Moto G5S Plus

2. Lenovo P2  32GB (Dual Sim) – Rs 16000

Lenovo P2

  1. I want to buy a phone under 20k, non chinese. 4GB RAM, Fast Charging, Good Camera quality. Kindly suggest

  2. i have reqd phone under 20000
    I want to purchase moto m and samsung on nxt have better phone or not or give option

  3. I requireed a phone under 30000 r having best camera and dual should have some bigger ram and expendable memory.

    • @ Bharat : You can go for OnePlus 3T priced at Rs 30000. It is a dual sim phone with 6GB RAM and good camera. The only drawback is that it doesnt come with expandable memory but 64GB is more than sufficient to store files.

  4. best phones under 20000 for heavy gaming users

  5. I want to buy a smartphone. But I m bit of confuse which one to choose. Because there is so much of brands, different dealer suggest different phones that makes me confused. My expectations r hang problem (no lag)
    2. Smooth multifunctioning without hang
    3. Good battery life charging heating issues
    6. A quality camera
    My budget is 20 k
    Plz suggest me a best one

  6. lenovo z2 plus or one plus , which is best ?

  7. if i get one Plus 2 under 20k than i must buy it 🙁

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