Best Mobile Phones under 7000 Rupees

  1. What’s up in 2018 which one is the best among listed above? Is there any new launching?

  2. Redmi note 4 is my first choice
    thank you for sharing amazing article. very helpful

  3. A very good detailed post about the smartphones under 7000 rs. Good Work

  4. Sir I want a phone which has storage starting with 32GB to 256GB.
    I want a phone which has best camera back and in frount.
    because I have a phone which has camera but not capable in front of light and it gets bad photo because of light.
    SIR Please solve my problem


  6. sir when will redmi 3s available again? please reply

  7. sir, is yureka plus is good to buy at 6500, plz reply, im dam confused

  8. Swipe elite plus best to buy

  9. i want a good phone under a cost of 6000-7000 but i want the bst camera nd bst ram under this pls help me to suggest the best phn

  10. First time trying to buy a Smartphone..Purpose: Internet, Games, Pics and Videos,Apps etc..Meaning, max things I wanna use .. but under 7K only …***Soo greedy looking***..Please help me with a best phone with all features with less negative markings.

  11. i could’nt get redmi 3s anywhere, is it now available or not?

  12. sir redmi 3S or redmi 2 prime.which is better among this..

  13. sir plz help me…which z d best phn between coolpad nt3 lyt or redmi 3s..coolpad nt3 lite supported jio sim…plz rply sir…i m confused which z d best under 7000

  14. Sir I want to buy a mobile mainly for navigation purpose can u plz tell me which mobile should I buy and what are the key spec to look after while buying such mobile. my budget is around 7-10 k.

  15. sir…with respect..plz sir hlp quality 4g phn with battery backup good performance under 8000…which z d bst phn…

  16. Sir,i want to know that in redmi 3s there is fingerprint or not i think only in 3s prime there is…and where can i buy redmi 3s cause in flipkart and mi store it’s out of stock,please help

  17. sir plz help me…i m lukng a good camera quality with good bettary backup 4g phn under 7000…xioami redmi 3s or coolpad note 3 lite..which z d bst

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  19. Which is the Best Selfie Mobile under 7K?

  20. How’s Moto E3 power?

  21. Which mbl is best for battery and camara.. Redmi note 3 or asus zenfone max or redmi 3s prime or honor 5x.. Undrr 12k

  22. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post
    thanks once again.

  23. ir please tell about coolpad mega 2.5 d

  24. I WANT TO BUY COOLPAD MEGA 2.5 D WHAT Sir please tell about

  25. Very nice Post. Now I have got rely want………Thanks.

  26. redimi 3s kaise khrida jaaye?

  27. Please suggest the best option from Coolpad note lite vs Coolpad mega 2.5 vs Lenevok5 vs redmi 3s. Do have service center for all so it will not be an issue

    Looking forward for honest reply 🙂

    • They are all equally great its more of preference . what do you most often do with your phone? Camera, Gaming or any other activity then just compare the specs there you’re good to go then.

  28. Iam confused with the below mentioned smartphones Lenovo P1m Vs Lenovo Vibe K5. Iam totally confused about these phones since i get mixed review about these phone.Both the phones are in the same price range. Iam a moderate user who use internet all 24 hours and not a gamer.I need complete review of these two phones.

  29. If redme 3s prime got hang then what to do ?
    It does not have removal battery

  30. Sir the redmi 3s mobile has a non removable battery…when the battery get damaged what will we do ??

  31. No Redmi’s phone available in U.P nit even in Lucknow. Which phone to buy then?

  32. hiiii sir,
    I’m confused between xiomi redmi s3 and redmi 3 and coolpad note 3…which phone is best..
    pls tell me… and what difference between redmi 3s and redmi 3 pls fast ans.

  33. sir,
    plz tell which one will be better for camra quality and gaming between coolpad note 3 lite and xiaomi redmi 3s

  34. i wan to gift my sister a mobile under 6k please suggest me one having good RAM, camera both front n rear n battery too

  35. hiiii sir,
    I’m confused between xiomi redmi s3 and swipe elite plus…which phone is best..
    pls tell me…

  36. Sir I have best phone under 7k which performance the not hack and also use large time

  37. hi
    i m looking for a phone under 7000 with 2GB RAM and good camera quality (more than 8MP) with OTG feature and the more than 5.5 inch display …
    can u please help me …i am totally confused .

  38. Sir i am cnfuzed between xiaomi n lenovo
    Plz hlp

  39. sir i am confused between lenovo vibe k5 and coolpad note 3 lite pls suggest me

  40. Sir,
    I want to which phone is best when it comes to ringtone volume when the phone is upright. In my current phone the ringing volume is so muffled when the phone is upright so much so that you cannot hear the mobiles ring

  41. I am very confused among the ones u have listed!!! I want a good phone with good battery, i am a ameture photographer so u understand and ofcourse i dont want my phone to lag!!! Plz help me out!! I really appreciate it. Thanks

  42. i want a best smartphone under 7000/- having features like infocus350 with removable battery in vivo ,lenovo or others

  43. Lenovo vibe k5 is good or not

  44. sir redmi 2prime or infoucs m330 what is best for long time using?

  45. .. ..COOLPAD is good but it has some heating is there any reasons behind it..? i.e.due 2 Heavy games Or internet Or also during running period.. .? So which 1 is best Coolpad or Redmi..!!?

  46. Hello sir,I read adv and -ve points of Coolpade and I m screwed betn. both of them….bcoz one side u said COOLPAD is good but it has some heating is there any reasons behind it..?

  47. As lenovo vibe P1 m is now at 6999/- flipkart. Redmi 2 prime or lenovo vibe p1 m will be a better on every aspects. And please tell why. Except battery. I want to buy one.

  48. Is micromax canvas juice 2 good for camera and gaming

  49. Xolo era 4k mobile is good or bad

  50. I want a best android phone under 7000….what will be the best???with lollipop….and a good camera at rare for night shoot…

  51. Sir what is tge nagetive thing in coolpad note3 lite

  52. Can u suggest good phone at around 8k … tht have all features support online gamin for longer tme as well have virtual reality , fingerprint..

  53. Sir there is no xiaomi service centre in my area…..please sugges me good phone under 7000 other then redmi 2 prime

    • @ Sanjeev : Check for Coolpad service centres, Coolpad Note 3 Lite is a good phone under Rs 7000

      • Sir, I want to buy a smartphone with in the range of 7000, so which one is better coolpad note 3 Lite or Redmi 2 prime or any other good phone at this range, please suggest me sir.Thank you in advance 🙂

        • @ Anoop: Specs wise Coolpad Note 3 is a much better phone for the price, the only issue with the phone is that it tends to heat up after a while.

  54. Is it the coolpad note 3 lite have a marshmallow update…and is it a all rounder best pgone at 7k ?

    • @ Prasad Kulkarni: Coolpad Note 3 Lite will get a Marshmallow update soon. The phone is a good buy under Rs 7000, the only issue is the phone tends to heat up after a while

  55. Sir,i am totaly confus buy coolpad/redme prime2..which was best phone to be buy?
    Sir,up comeing phone redme 3 how is it?
    i show redme 3 is good phone can i wait?

  56. Sir plese suggest me a phone with both cameras 13 mega pixel with dual flash light high storage with removable battery size 5.5inches and no heating issues with finger print scaner under 8000c

    • @ Shobha: Coolpad Note 3 lite with 5 inch screen, fingerprint scanner, 13MP camera with flash and 32 expandable storage is an amazing phone priced a Rs 7000. The only issue with the phone is that it tends to heat up after considerable amount of time.

  57. Sir,I want to purchase a smartphone under 7000rs tellme a good phone in which battery as well as camera quality is good.And i have heard that coolpad dazen3 lite has problems with the battery .plz reply me.

  58. Sir i want buy samsung tizen z3 .in this phone …does i will play high version game like GTA VICE CITY

  59. Sir i want to buy samsung tizen z3 . is it good ? please tell me ……

  60. hiii I want to buy a good phone but I am confused to select one best mobile ..

    suggest me a phone under 7000rs foa gaming and surfing internet

  61. redmi 2prime is a good phone but it have some issue like not latest android and not good front camera any other phone

  62. hey buying tips I want to buy motorola moto e but it have some problems like not goof camera and doesnot have flash I want to buy a phone under 6000 with very good camera and I m a gamer so I want a phone in which I play high graphics game like gta asphalt suggest me a good phone

  63. Sir,
    pls tell does meizu m2 have usb onthego?
    Which phones camera is best between redmi 2 and meizu m2 u said redmi camera is better but in specifications its mentioned redmi has 8mp primary and meizu m2 has 13 mp so pls tell which is better for camera?
    Sir also pls mention which sensors are present in both phones? Sir pls explain clearly with details.. Plz reply quickly…
    Thank u….

  64. Hello sir,
    i want a good phone 8000 rupees with usb otg support… Good camera processor and ram.. Sir Pls suggest few best phones under my budget..
    Thanks in Advance..

  65. Sir.. am a game lover. please suggest me which one to buy under rs.7000.. coolpad note 3 lite or infocus m350. plz reply.

  66. Sir…I’m a gamer I usually play high-end games !! so please suggest me which one to buy … pad note 3 or cool pad note 3 lite or xiaomi redmi note 2 prime or Asus zenfone 2….. I just need a phone to play high end games without lag …..and a good internal storage with atleast 5 inch screen…

    • @ Surya : Most of the phones you suggested can play low- end to mid – end games. If you are really looking for the best lag free gaming phone, than we suggest you slightly increase your budget by Rs 3000. You can buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which can play most of the high end games without any lag. Hope we helped you to choose the best one.

  67. Sir I want to buy coolpad note 3 liye is this phone is gud or not ….plz tell me

    • @ Mukesh Kumar : Specs wise it is a very good phone for Rs 7000, Comes with decent camera, battery life and finger print sensor, the only issue with the phone is that it heats up after a while.

  68. I live in Kolkata and there is just one xiaomi redmi service center nearby..but I heard that the services provided by the centers are very poor..they don’t care about the customers. And I also read in a review that it heats after 4-5 months. Should I buy it.I have to use it atleast 2 years.

  69. I leave in a hostel.I need a mobile under 8000…BUT I want 5 inch long screen..what will be best?PLEASE SUGGEST ME………………..

  70. I want to buy micromax canvas juice 2…… it good?…plz help??

  71. I’m confused between Samsung j2,xiomi redimi 2 and lenovo vibe k5 plus can u suggest me d best one with best battery performance and no lagging or heating issues.

  72. sir …which phones is looks good….Please reply

  73. My budget is around 5000 to 6000
    Suggest me a good smartphone

  74. Hi , i want a phone for my father with long battery backup, good camera quality and my budget is 7000 . 4g is not required . please suggest .

  75. Sir,Im a game lover.I always play high please suggest me which phone is best for gaming without any lag….plz reply now or later to my email at
    Thank U.

  76. Sir i want to bay the best phone with best camera and 2gb ram, 5” screen unedar 7000 pleas help me sir

  77. Sir i am cunfuced about meizu m2 or redmi prime2 pleas tell which is the bes and i want to know about removabl battery

    • @ Rohit Singh : Redmi 2 Prime is better phone then Meizu M2 Note, the camera and the performance is better in Redmi 2 Prime. Meizu M2 Note doesn’t come with removable battery were as Redmi 2 Prime comes with removable battery. Check here => Redmi 2 Prime

  78. Sir,Where is nearest service center of maizu m2 in kolkata..plsss help me sir..

    • @ Prasun Das : Check at these places : 9 India Exchange Place Near Tea Board Kolkata TEL: 9831045076
      24 Parganas
      Mobile CareMini Market, Martin Burn Road, Opposite Alpana Jewellery House, 72No. Tempo Stand, Basirhat, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal TEL: 9932458000.

  79. Sir i want to buy phone in price 7000. I want buy coolpad note 3 lite but amazon not deliver in my city then what i do next ? Can i buy another phone plz suggest me..
    Waiting ur reply.

  80. Sir can we update redmi prime 2 in lollipop ?

    • @ Atul Gupta : Unfortunately, it cannot be updated to Android Lollipop 5.0 at the moment.However there are reports that Redmi 2 Prime is most likely to get Android Marshmallow 6.0.

  81. I am confused under Asus zenfone max and xiaomi redmi note 3 suggest I am a gamer and Asus is a good gaming company bit it has only 1.0 GHz so I have a doubt that heavy games like nova 3 and asphalt 8 can be played in it without lag I like Asus so pls do some test to ensure that these high end games runs without lag or not if they do I will buy Asus zenfone max pls I need some quick response help me out here and pls give a quick responce

  82. Sir Can u tell me
    What if we use good charger than the charger comes with coolpad note 3 lite then it will charge fast
    And also tell me which phone is gud between Coopad n3 lite and Lenevo A6000 plus Reply Fast….

  83. i want buy cool pad lite but i want emi & this phone is good ya any beater phone at rs 7000 billow please tell me

  84. Sir I am beying Asus zenfone 2 lesar at price 8000 in flipkart. but iam confused sell I bay are not .

  85. Hi, friends my budget is 7000. Who phone i am purchase? March month.

  86. I want to buy micromax canvas q345 selfie lens…… it good?…plz help??

  87. pls tell me, im intrest in this mobile cool pad 3 lite. Some people review. Is heating pblm and it take long time battry charging. Pls sir which phne i want purchase. My budget 7000rs. Im first time go to use android mble. Pls help sir.

    • @ Jaimurthi : Yes it’s true that Coolpad Note 3 Lite has got some heating issue and takes longer time to charge. Since you are first time android user, We would suggest you go for Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime. It’s one of the best phones under Rs 7000 with no heating issue. Check here :Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

  88. Also it should have a fast processor

  89. Hey I’m thinking of taking coopad note 3 lite but some are saying it has fast battery drain. My budget is 7000 plz suggest a Mobile with okay camera, 2gb ram , good charging ,2500mah battery and okay look.

    • @ Sanath : While we were testing the phone, we did notice that the battery drains while you are on 3G or 4G. Other wise it should last for a day. Also the phone tends to heat up after heavy usage. However it performs well when it comes to processor, camera and overall experience. If you still not sure about Coolpad Note 3 Lite, you can go for Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime it’s a great phone with good battery life and no heating issue.

  90. Sir i have redmi 2 prime . The phone getting charging and display problem .. Sir i want other good mobile in 7000 .. Waiting for reply

    • @Rocky, can you tell us more about the display problem that you’re facing? Why don’t you give it to Xiaomi service centre and get it repaired?

  91. sir I want to buy a coolpad note3 lite but somebody daid it has a many problem like it is slow charging and the ui is not polished.please tell me sir iwant to buy this phone which is useful or not based on performance,it is urgent

    • @ Manoj : Yes it is true that Coolpad Note 3 Lite does take a longer time to charge with 1 amp charger provided with the device. The user interface used by Coolpad is called Cool UI, it did take us a while to get hold of it since it’s bit different compared to MIUI but we got used to it once we stared using the phone for more than a day. Otherwise the phone is packed with great specs like finger print sensor, good display, 2500 mAh battery life and great camera. Do check out our pros and cons.

  92. sir,i want to buy a phone on 7000.plz suggest which will better coolpad dazen1 ,redmi prime or miezu m2

    • @ Himanshu : Coolpad Note 3 Lite is a better phone then Meizu Note 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime. Coolpad comes with Fingerprint sensor, good display, 2500 mAh battery, good camera and some more features. However you will have to register and buy the phone. Check here : Coolpad Note 3 Lite

  93. DEAR SIR,

    • @ Diwakar: When we tested both the phones we felt that Coolpad Note 3 Lite is a better phone than Redmi 2 Prime mainly because it comes with fast finger print sensor which is not there in any of the phones priced under Rs 7000. The design, display, performance, camera and features like quick launch to click a picture is extremely good for a phone priced under Rs 7000. However you will have to register for the phone and buy on every Thursday. For more info visit here : Coolpad Note 3 Lite

  94. Sir where can i get redmi note 4g and how is the review and battery.will it hangs ,how about gaming performance and camera

  95. My budget,is 10000 which phn is best camera best feature n good ram should be 3gb…tell me service center must

  96. Plzzz rply me fast if my,budget,is 10000 then which phone do u prefer me the good one…service center must,be in Delhiii….

  97. And if I want to buy good phn under 10k so which phn so u prefer me…service center must be in Delhi…

  98. Sir I want to buy good phn which is good camera quality battery back up and no heating problem in 7k. N the main thing is that phone serivce centre should be in Delhi….

    • @Tushar Negi, go ahead and buy the Redmi 2 Prime. It has a good camera and we haven’t had any heating issue. Do note that ‘no heating issue’ doesn’t mean that the phone doesn’t get warm once in a while. Almost all phones produce heat, Redmi 2 Prime doesn’t produce excessive heat. Xiaomi has a service centre in Delhi.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  99. yu yunique or micromax canvas express. Plese suggest

  100. Plz suggest a good phone with 5inch display with very good both primary and selfie cameras…..under 7000

    • You can get the MEIZU M2 if you need a 5 inch phone. If 4.7 inch is good enough, you can also buy Redmi Prime 2. Both phones have good cameras for the price.

  101. hi anybody please tell me which mobile is the best under 7000 rs…. please tell me…am in confusion to buy….:-(

  102. Sir, meizu m2 or prime2
    better camera
    no hang problem
    plz rply

  103. Sir what about micromax xpress for gamers

  104. sir,which is 13mp phone under 7000. Please tell me

  105. Giv me a suggestion lazer or k3 note?

    • @Akash Das: If you could increase your budget by Rs 2000 then you can buy the latest Lenovo K4 Note (You have to register first and the sale goes on January 27th).The early reports are good about K4 Note, although we haven’t tested the phone.

  106. Instead of redmi 2prime which phone is best under 8k

  107. Sir I want smartphone with no hanging problem and good battery in rs 7000 budget pls suggest me

  108. Sir please suggest best camera phone in 7000 and which have better camera meizu m2 or redmi 2 prime?

  109. You are saying service centre every time right why are you saying like that wheather we have to think that phone will give more problems or its better if we look at that point also.

    • @Venkatesh: There is no guarantee when it comes to electronic items. Whether it is from Apple, Samsung or some Chinese brand, any electronic product can suffer from manufacturing defects. They also undergo certain amount of wear and tear over a period of time. And with latest smartphones, the chance of dropping a smartphone and cracking the display are high. When any of this happens, it’s always easier to get a phone repaired if there is a service centre nearby.

  110. I heard about heat problem in it good to buy or not.?

  111. Sir , Which are best phone ? Panasonic P55 Novo or Redmi 2 Prime ?

  112. sir , i want phone of excellent camera quality , long battery back up and good speakers which phone would u prefer in 7k

    • @Simo For your budget, we would suggest you go for Redmi 2 prime. However don’t expect too much from the camera and battery life as it is priced only Rs 7000. If you really want a good battery life and camera, we would suggest you to increase your budget by Rs 3000 and buy Asus Zenfone 2 Laser , This has got the best battery life and camera.

  113. sir,tell me about comparision between coolpad dazen 1 and redmi prime 2 which is better phone.

  114. Which 1 i should take a6000 plus or prime 2

  115. sir,please tell me about the battery life of redmi 2 prime

  116. Sir m totaly confuse who’s phons buying meizu or redmi ,? Pls help me for buying meizu phone and I want to detail about meizu brand.

  117. I think micromax yu yuphoria is best

  118. sir ,
    I heard that Redmi 2 prime has charging issues …. my friend said , its touch screen do not properly while charging .

    is this a exceptional case or this is general with Redmi 2 prime

  119. Sir,

    In redme prime…
    is there separate SD card slot or the sd card slot should share the 2nd sim cad??

    What about the battery..?? Removable or not???
    Plzzz answer..!

  120. tell me about micromax juice 2

  121. samsung galaxy…which wont hang

  122. okay…then inside 10k which would be great?

  123. Sir,u said that meizu M2 is a verg good phone. But it dosent have a radio + java & its also given non-removable 2500 mah battery. so what do you say about it wil it be a good option to buy this phone? isnt lenovo good? or samsung galaxy brands how about them? plz help me im confused tel me about al these phones…

    • @Ishani Amar, what is your budget? Every phone has its own positives and negatives. No phone is perfect. If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy phones, there aren’t any good ones in this price range. You have to increase your budget.

  124. I want to buy a smartphone under 7k. having a confusion between Meizu M2 and Redmi Prime 2. which one has better camera quality ??
    and i have heard,in Meizu M2, either both sim can be used or 1sim and SD card. Is it ?
    will both sim slot supports 4g in Meizu M2 as per indian standard ?

    • @Kaushik We have tested both the phones and we feel Meizu M2 is a better phone than Redmi 2 Prime. Meizu M2 comes in a dual stand by (one nano sim slot and other one can be used as micro SD or Nano sim and both sims support 4G).

  125. sir tell me
    xiaomi upcoming mobile

  126. Sir can you tell me about swipe elite,

    Is it good as per its specifications??

    Or should i go for any one of canvas express 2 ,remdi 2 prime,meize m2 , lenovo a6000+??
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you in advance.

    • @Nikhil, we haven’t tested Swipe Elite. However, we have tested Redmi Prime 2, Lenovo A6000 Plus and Meizu M2 and among these the Meizu M2 is a good phone to buy. Compared to other phones Meizu M2 has got a better display, camera and build quality. The only negative would be the service centre, do check if you have any service centre near by.

  127. Sir, i want to buy redmi 2 prime. Is it good or very good mobile?

    • sir plz help ….i want to yuphoria that is best to buy or not…..? ya lenovo a6000 plus accha raha ga
      and plz suggest me best phone

    • @Bahrul, it’s a ‘very good’ phone for the price. The display is very good. Because the Prime has 2GB RAM, you can run most games and apps available in the Play Store. Just make sure there is a service centre in your area. Because if there is no service centre, then it can get difficult to repair the device. Go to the link below and check if there is a service centre. Or else, tell us which city you are from.

  128. prime 2 or a6000 or canvas express
    which 1 to buy
    good camera
    no lagging or hang
    good service

    • @apoorv, get the Redmi Prime 2. It’s undoubtedly the better phone. It has a good camera (for the price). We have tested the phone for a long time now. There is no lag and doesn’t hang either. As for service, you have to check if there is a service centre in your area.

  129. redmi prime 2 is the best phone… I have been using Redmi prime 2..

  130. Sir, which one is the best..
    Meizu m2 or redmi2 prime .pls help me

    • @Rasif, Meizu M2 is a good phone, but service can be a problem. Also, the user interface is not as user-friendly as Redmi Prime 2.

  131. tell me about yu yuphoria sir

  132. Meizu m2 or redmi2 prime .pls help me

  133. According to best features,
    Lenovo a6000 plus is best option against redmi 2 prime & canvas xpress2

    • @Shiv Lakhan Gupta, Redmi 2 Prime has a better display and better camera. Lenovo A6000 has a slightly larger display. Battery backup is about the same on both phones.

  134. sir,please tell me…which phone i will buy..xiaomi redmi2 prime or lenovo a6000 plus..i am confused…both phones are having best in their built up..

    • @Bibhuti: Our pick between the two phones would be Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime (2GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage). The Prime has slightly better build quality, has better battery backup and the display is better than the Lenovo A6000 Plus too. Both take decent pictures from their respective camera. So overall, if you are looking for the best all round phone in this price range, then go for Redmi 2 Prime.

  135. i think meizu m2 is good

  136. Sir please tell about redmi 2prime and its good and bad

    • @Abhilash: The only drawback of the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime is the lack of nearby service centres. If the service centre is available in your place then we don’t think there is any issue with the phone. It has the best display under Rs 7000 price segment. The camera and battery life is also decent. Excellent value for money. Even the Moto G 3rd Generation, which is priced way higher than the Redmi 2 Prime, has the same processor, storage space and RAM.

  137. which one should i go for among the three… Lenovo A6000plus / Redmi 2 Prime / Micromax’s Yu Yuphoria

    • @Vinit: Redmi 2 Prime is better phone than Lenovo A6000 Plus and Micromax Yu Yuphoria. The display, camera (in day light conditions) and battery backup is better in the Prime.

  138. Tell m abt lnovo k3 note

  139. Infocus m2 4g. Advantages &disadvantages .
    Mobil good r bad please tell me sir

    • Hi, in my view u should buy infocus 3g or buy the phone which supports 4g in both slots….. infocus 4g support 4g in one slot and u have to uses 2g in other I don’t find advantage in it other wise its ur choice …. see you tube vedios…..

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